Training for Fit One Boise, week 1… done!

Centennial Trail

Centennial Trail

I have officially finished my first week of training for the Fit One Boise Half-Marathon.  It went way better than expected, completely successful.  And by successful, I mean I got up and hit every single run that was scheduled, and I didn’t die.  For my first 3 runs, I ran that wicked 3-mile loop in my neighborhood with all the nasty hills.  But it paid off… I had my LSR today and took to the trail (LSR = long slow/steady run which, as it is only week one, was 4 miles).  Please don’t think I ran the entire way.  Oh, heavens no.  I started off with only running 3 minutes and walking 1 minute.  As I gained more confidence and warmed up, I switched it up a little to 0.25 miles of running, 0.1 mile of walking.  I completed the 4 miles in just over an hour, an improvement for me from last year.  So I’m pleased.

The Motivator is running 10 miles today, but he decided to take a hilly route.  He’s gonna be hurtin’ for certain when he returns.  Bring on the eucalyptus oil!  At least we’re overcast today and having normal temperatures so he shouldn’t be overheated!  It’s been unbearably hot just recently and this is a fabulous change up!  Regardless, we still should’ve gotten up earlier…



When I run, this is usually what I eat beforehand:

  • A whole-wheat sandwich thin = 100 calories
  • 2 teaspoons of organic honey = 60 calories
  • 1 tablespoon of peanut butter = 90 calories
  • 1/2 banana = 55 calories plus a whole lot of potassium
  • Total calories = 305
  • Total calories burned during 4-mile run = Per My Fitness Pal, about 800.  Don’t take that for face value, just stick to your diet…

I bought 13 new songs for my iPod before I ran today, so I was looking forward to my run.  It was hard for me to not start dancing down the trail when Bruno Mars came on…

Have a beautiful Sunday everyone!  Spend today doing something that makes you happy!


5 thoughts on “Training for Fit One Boise, week 1… done!

  1. Jamesy

    Not dying during the first week of training is generally considered good!! Super nice job and a wonderful humorous summary to wrap up the week…see I told you, you get to run this week, and you did…and I can confirm hurting for certain was achieved after hill 5 of my run 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. chasingdownhealthy

    That’s one of my favorite songs to run to. Good luck on your training, I’m definitely going to follow 🙂



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