Perfect Post-Run Dinner


This is one of my favorite dinners post a long run.  It has everything the body needs to replenish itself… protein, carbs, veggies… and none of the calories.  It’s extremely filling and very satisfying.  Let me break it down (everything here is grilled):

  • 1.5 servings of jumbo shrimp = 100 calories (15 g of protein, plus bonus potassium)
  • Green bell pepper = 30 calories (bonus potassium, mega vitamin C)
  • Grape tomatoes = 13 calories for 6 (vitamin A, not to mention the lycopene for bone health and the antioxidant properties)
  • White onion = 50 calories (with potassium and vitamin C and anti-inflammatory properties)
  • Sweet potato = 90 calories (POWER food!  They contain vitamins B6, C, D, iron, magnesium, and iron!)
  • 1/4 cup brown long-grain rice (okay, not grilled) = 80 calories (complex carb reload)
  • EVOO = 100 calories

Total  = 463 calories!  Satisfying, filling, and healthy!  Try it!  You just might like it!

8 thoughts on “Perfect Post-Run Dinner

  1. Shafali

    Cooking isn’t my forte, eating is 🙂 And that looks scrumptious. I wait for the day when technology will become advanced enough to present real edible instances of food than just the pictures.

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      1. Shafali

        That’s awesome. My husband too cooks a lot better than I do…well, most of the things. I call myself a kitchen-witch – brewing stuff with random ingredients – sometimes it ends up tasting like one of those magic potions they talk about in fairytales. Unfortunately, never got any special powers through my brews 😦

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  2. dailywriter

    Good, clourful, and well balanced. The only change I might make is to replace white onion with shallots and maybe add some purple (japanese eggplant or cabbage). Beans or quinoa possibly as well…Do you add any spices?

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  3. neveradullbling Post author

    Thank you for your generous feedback! We do, indeed, sometimes have this with a quinoa/rice blend, and eggplant sounds fabulous! We’ll have to try that! The marinade for the shrimp includes sea salt, ground pepper, basil, ground thyme, Asian ginger seasoning, 4 to 5 cloves of garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, and chopped onion. It comes out tasting just brilliant! The rest of the veggies get sea salt, olive oil, and Asian ginger seasoning.



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