Stoopid Scale


I made the mistake of getting on the scale this morning. After having a lovely chicken salad last night for dinner, chicken and long-grain brown rice for lunch, and oatmeal with flax seed for breakfast, I just knew that scale was going to go down by an ounce or two. Yowsa! Was I ever wrong! Up 0.5. WTF! Not the best way to start a day, and unfortunately, it set the tone for my next task at hand… a 3-mile run.

Regardless, I was still feeling inspired, not going to let that stoopid scale get me down. A fellow blogger mentioned how well she did with her 3.5-mile run the night before (Chasing Down Healthy), so I was pumped. Yeah! I’m gonna try to just go as far as I can and not stop and run through the pain, because pain is temporary! Yeah! I can do it!  Alas… it was not to be. Little did I know my subconscious took over and I already had a defeatist attitude from my bout with the stooped scale. On my run, I was stiff, my legs ached, I was slow (slower than normal), and it was hard going and painful. Now I’m pissed and in a foul mood.

The Motivator had made a comment to me (over and over and over again), “You’ve got to do some cross training on the days you don’t run. Bike, swim, lift weights, walk, something, or you’re going to get stiff and sluggish.” I hate it when he’s right. And as he’s right, I have to concede. And I hate to concede.

So what am I going to do with all this new-found anger I’ve encountered this morning? I’m going to use that energy and take control. I’m pissed that the stoopid scale hasn’t moved in a month… I’m going to take control and tweak what I eat just a bit. I’m pissed because I was sluggish and sore this morning… I’m going to take control and take The Motivator’s suggestion to heart and actually cross train when my plan says to cross train. I’m pissed because I had to concede that The Motivator was actually right… well, there’s no taking control of that, so I’ll just ask him nicely to pay for my next pedicure, a small price to pay for proving me wrong.

And as for that 5-mile run I have to conquer this Sunday? Bring it on bitch. I got this.



10 thoughts on “Stoopid Scale

  1. chasingdownhealthy

    HEY! You got out and did something, which is better than nothing, right? Never discount ANY distance, no matter how far you deviated from your plan.

    FYI: I struggle with cross training, too. I love to run. I’d rather chew glass than lift, or do floor work or oh, dear, god.. zumba or something. *shudder*

    Enjoy the pedi. All runners need pedis. 🙂

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  2. Shafali

    Don’t push yourself too hard. If you obsess about losing weight, you’ll lose your peace of mind. It helps not to chase perfection…so if you keep to your schedule 5 out of 7 days, give yourself a pat on the back 🙂 <>

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  3. neveradullbling Post author

    Kristen, getting started is definitely the hardest part and can be very intimidating. But once you get it going, the sense of accomplishment more than makes up for any of that. And the bling. I look at my medal rack and think, “Wow, I earned all of those… with all the sweat and hard work.” Totally worth it. I say, you go girl. And check out Jeff Galloway’s beginning running plan. He’s a genius.


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