Wednesday Morning Run


A beautiful day for a run near the lake… overcast and cool!

I find myself getting caught up and inspired by some of my fellow bloggers, especially Dawn (Chasing Down Healthy).  We’re almost on the same training and race schedule… she’s in week 5 of training for a half (she’s registered for 2 of them), and I’m in week 3.  This morning she blogged about how it’s easier for her to just keep running rather than take a walk break.  I totally get it.  So, I decided to try that out today.  Yeah, well, unfortunately it doesn’t work so great for me.  Yet, that is.  I haven’t broke through the mental challenge of a continuous run non-stop, although I tried this morning.

I had 4 miles to complete,  I didn’t even turn my watch or phone on until I was perfectly warmed up and ready to run.  I felt mentally psyched.  I was ready.  One mile down without stopping, I did it!  Then here’s where the mental challenge came into play… “you can just walk for a tenth of a mile to catch your breath, then you can take off again.”  Alas, it was not to be.  I walked that tenth of a mile then I ran into a hill.  And this is not a nice hill.  This is a hill that challenges every ounce of your being, physically and mentally.  Walking up it can leave people short of breath.  It’s a hill-training hill for at least three-quarters of a mile.  Needless to say, after that first mile, I couldn’t get my groove back once I took a walk break, not even to do my normal run/walk ratio.  But it wasn’t the hill’s fault… it was the mental challenge that I struggle with all the time when I run.  The one that tells me, “Walk now or you’re going to die.”

I can take away a few positives from this run, though:

  • I wasn’t any slower than my last 4-mile run.
  • I realized I have to work on the mental part of my runs.  Recognizing weaknesses is always a good thing so they can be addressed and dealt with.
  • I wasn’t tired or exhausted when I returned home.
  • I got to see the ducks in the lake first thing.  Taking a picture is a great excuse for a walk break!








Bonus… I love what my phone says:


Woo hoo! In 4 weeks, its going to say 20,000 steps!


I love seeing this ratio, it shows me what I need to work on, although it records my warm-up and cool-down which is all walk.


Weather was perfect!!



10 thoughts on “Wednesday Morning Run

  1. chasingdownhealthy

    There are so many people who complete half and even full marathons doing the Galloway method or other personalized versions of the walk-run-walk. They claim better times, fewer injuries and greater distances doing it this way. I love that you’re up for a challenge (and the honorable mention! Thanks!) but I also love that you are learning what works for you and keeping at it. If this were easy, everyone would be doing it, right? GREAT job on the run!

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  2. lynneggleton

    That thing where your brain tries to undermine you- I totally get that too. I have better times running with a partner talking to make the mind chatter stop. Keep pushing through! Great job on your 4 miles! You know how many people can’t do that????

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  3. Rebecca Royy

    Nice post. Keep it up…you’ll get there! Also, just a thought, I do hills now, but when I was training for my first half I found them to be too discouraging. I came up with less hilly run routes until I felt stronger mentally.

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