Boise Trial Run


These are the only trees I saw in the “City of Trees.”


Grandma Sheila and Grandpa Rick

James and I are visiting Boise for the weekend, picking up our child who just spent a week with his grandparents, which in turn gave us the perfect opportunity to do a trial run for the Fit One race happening in September.  It is hot and dry here compared to where we live, so we had a very early start this morning (5:30 Idaho time/4:30 Washington time).  James and I ran with his dad Rick, and Rick’s running partner and friend, Roberta.  We ended up running the Boise River Greenbelt.

wpid-20150801_072707.jpg  wpid-20150801_072647.jpg

Rick and Roberta had 6.2 miles to complete, I had 7, and James had about 15.  I had my normal pre-run breakfast of tea, but I decided on a Honey Stinger Waffle instead of GU as my miles are increasing.  The Honey Waffles are fabulous!

The first couple of miles went along well for me according to Strava and Garmin, but then I hit the 3rd mile, the sun came out, and it got hot, hot, hot.  That was when I realized I left my S-Cap in the truck.  If you’re not familiar, S-Caps are a combination of sodium, potassium, and magnesium.  They’re great to take when you are running in very hot conditions and are sweating a lot.  They keep your electrolytes in check.  They also help with any potential cramping issues you may have during long runs.


Anyway, no S-Cap, 80 degrees with intense sun rays… I felt hot, tired, and doomed.  We also felt the elevation was wreaking havoc with our run… James and I train at sea level, and Boise is at 2704 feet.  Didn’t realize how much of a difference a couple thousand feet make.  James and I both struggled with our runs today, but we completed them.  It may not have been anything pretty (well, James’ run was still pretty, they always are), but we got them done and we got a taste of what we’re up against in September.  Regardless of today’s run results, Fit One Boise is a great event, lots of fun, and I’m still going to enjoy every minute of it!

As for Rick and Roberta who actually live in Boise… they made great time and had a great run, even if this was the furthest my father-in-law has ever run… so far.


Roberta, Rick, James


And how was your day?





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