I don’t understand why people are afraid of bridges. It just doesn’t make sense. One drives on a road and doesn’t fall off… isn’t a bridge just a road? One walks on a sidewalk and doesn’t fall off… isn’t a bridge wider than a sidewalk? I just don’t understand the phobia… and yet I am absolutely 100% terrified of bridges. There is something about being on a bridge that scares the ever-loving hell out of me.

Why do I bring this up? Good question, glad you asked. This coming weekend James is participating in the Bridge of the Gods Half-Marathon in Cascade Locks, Oregon. The race starts off in Washington, then you run over this hella big bridge on into Oregon, and continue the race from there. And I’ve been talked into participating in the 10K. “It’ll be a great bench mark for your race coming up in September.” “You’re going to run the course anyway, you might as well join the race and earn some bling.” “It’ll be fun.”


I did it. I signed up. I feel sick. This bridge stands 140 feet above the water and is 0.3 miles long. For me, that is equivalent to 3 to 4 solid minutes of complete hysteria at the beginning of the race.  Guaranteed that it will be the fastest 0.3 miles I will ever run in the history of ever!  I plan to put my head down and just plow through… it’s a shame the road is actually metal grate that you can see through… down to the water below… 140 feet below.  I actually did try running with my eyes closed this morning.  That didn’t work too well.


I also told my loving husband that I need to be sure to add new music to my iPod before the race, that was a priority.  He informed me, “Well, I have Bridge Over Troubled Water if that helps…”  He now sleeps on the couch…

Other than the bridge panic, it’s supposed to be a beautiful course.  I’ve created an Instagram account, hoping to take some pictures and have them post directly to it.  I’ve also created a Twitter account.  I don’t understand Twitter for the life of me or what to do with it, but I noticed on my Garmin watch that I can do Live Tracking and it can link with Twitter, so I thought I’d see how that worked.  The links to both are in the side-bar menu.

I also want to wish Dawn good luck with her race tomorrow.  No worries! We got this!! 

Stand up to your obstacles and do something about them.  You will find that they haven’t half the strength you think they have. –Norman Vincent Peale

14 thoughts on “Bridge-O-Phobia

  1. aidyl93

    You will be fine!! I think part of the fear is you can see you are above something, and if you fall you go further than just a couple inches. I’m not saying this to scare you more–try running in the center of the bridge and keep your eyes on the goal-the end of the bridge!! You’ll run it fabulously, and super fast, and all your blogging friends will be right there with you in heart! 🙂 good luck- although I know you will not need it. 😀

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  2. artisticsharon

    I have a fear of bridges as well but mine isn’t about falling off mine is that the bridge will collapse while I’m on it!! :-/ It’s not on small, regular bridges but on big ones…well let’s just say I avoid them like the plague! Good Luck with your run…just keep reminding yourself “you’re stronger than you think you are” because it’s true!!

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    1. breidengale

      I have a general fear of heights. Bridges like to remind me that. AND IF YOU CAN SEE THROUGH IT FORGET IT!!!! I was almost stranded on the other side of a canyon because I was afraid to walk back over the bridge to the parking lot. Your husband sounds like he has a similar sense of humor to my hubby.. lol.. This was great. You will do great. Thankfully the bridge is at the start and I love that you will run your fastest ever because of it!!!! Bling it up!!! And yeah for pictures and Twitter!! You can do all of it. 🙂

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  3. chasingdownhealthy

    Yeah, don’t close your eyes! Get behind someone you can pace with and stare at their back. And there will probably be some poor soul behind you doing the same thing. Bridges scare me, too.

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      1. neveradullbling Post author

        Haha! Omg! This gives me a massive panic attack, especially that 7-mile bridge! Can you imagine! No thank you!! BTW, how was your race?! I’m looking forward to race pics!!


    1. neveradullbling Post author

      Yeah, no kidding with the solid ground, hehe! I prefer that myself!! 🙂 And very cool about IG, thank you! I’m brand new so I hope it works! I’ll post you a picture looking down through the grates if I’m able to open my eyes long enough! 🙂

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