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This runner is about to tackle 22 miles today, and he has a new blog post, Long Run Progression

On the eve of the final long run before Chicago, I thought it would be interesting to look back at the progression of my long runs through this training cycle.  Many runners are approaching their final long run for their Fall marathon or have just completed the last long run and are in the restless state of mind tormenting bliss, known as taper.

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james oktoberfest run

Okay, I’m shameless… it’s my husband, and his blog doesn’t show up on the Reader as he is self-hosted.  But there are a lot of long distance runners out there who might be able to relate to him, so I thought I’d put his blog out there for all to see.

He really is running 22 miles today, and the weather conditions are not in his favor.  I’m attempting 8 just for the heck of it.  Hopefully the caffeine will kick in soon…

14 thoughts on “Check this out…

  1. niki

    Husband was due to do the same but he’s injured. He’s still going to do a marathon in a few weeks though! ?! Glad yours made ut out and did it. Will catch up with it when not on phone!

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      1. niki

        Yep. He’s more of a “natural” runner than me. He was gutted last week when a half marathon took him nearly an hour and a half. But his calf cramped up at 7 miles. But he kept running! Just… slowly. .. for him. So yes- fingers crossed! 🙂

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