Random Thoughts


Funny orange guy walking around the expo, scaring all the little kids.

I’m here in Boise now and I’ve reached total freak-out mode which is perfectly normal for me the night before a race.  I’m a bit of a babbling mess, but I thought I’d gather some of the thoughts going through my mind regarding tomorrow…

  • Did I train enough?
  • No, I could use another month.  Time rewind please.
  • Why the hell am I doing this?  Why didn’t I sign up for the 10K?  I like 10Ks… that’s a more doable distance.
  • Oh right, it’s the bling.  The bling motivates me.  It’s all about the bling.
  • If I can make it through tomorrow, I’ll train better next time.  I promise!!
  • I hope I don’t have a panic attack.
  • Did I train enough?  I don’t think I’ve trained enough.
  • I don’t think I have enough pockets for all the gel I’m going to need.
  • Maybe I should’ve brought my water bottle belt.  I’m going to run out of water.  Surely four aid stations isn’t going to be enough.
  • My calf is sore.  Oh no… why is my calf sore?  Oh, right, uncross your legs.
  • I should’ve done more hills.  I would be stronger if I’d done more hills.
  • I wish I could walk faster.  For that matter, I wish I could run longer without stopping.
  • I should’ve done more long runs.
  • Did I train enough????  I don’t think I’ve trained enough!!!
  • Did I fuel properly this week?  Will it last me through my run or am I going to run out of gas?
  • Nooo, the sun is going down!  It’s almost time for bed!  When I wake up, I’m going to have to run 13 point 1 freaking miles.  Why the hell am I doing this?
  • I so need a drink!

We arrived in Boise today, visited the race expo, it’s getting dark and it’s almost time to turn in for an early start tomorrow.  This time tomorrow, I’ll be one bling richer!!  Cheers everyone!!


Crossing the bridge over the Columbia River from Washington into Oregon. Deja vu…


AJ and James… Idaho border at the Snake River.


AJ and me… ditto, 🙂


Expo time! Packet pickup and lots of free goodies!

18 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. Rebecca Royy

    You’ll be done by the time you see this…but well wishes for a good race. Your rant totally cracked me up! I did the exact same thing on the morning I woke up for my last marathon. The punch line of this story is that it went on like this for 2 full hours before I remembered that it was my son’s 20th birthday!

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