Halloween from days gone by…



Summer and Birthday 2008 042

Oct Nov Dec 2009 025


Oct Nov Dec 2009 027

The first year of starting a life-long tradition with his BFFFFFF….

2012 12 Mobile 066


AJ and grayson1









Evil ventriloquist dummy; Ezio from Assassin’s Creed; and Darth Vader

My little boy is nearly too old for trick-or-treating.  He stands close to 5’3″ and is 11 years old now.  My, my, my, how the time does fly.  When he’s too old for it, I’ll have to figure out another way to restock my goody supply for free…


Hope you had a wonderfully prosperous Halloween!

20 thoughts on “Halloween from days gone by…

  1. mawil1

    It’s so lovely to look back and see how they have grown. We got out our old camcorder recently and it was such fun to see footage of Joe that we hadn’t looked at for years!

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  2. aidyl93

    I love the pictures!! How fun to see him growing up through the years. 😀 I’m glad he and his BFF have started their tradition and are still going strong. I’m sure you’ll think of something, or just force him to keep trick-or-treating anyway! Haha 🙂

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  3. breidengale

    How quickly it passes! Some very cute pics. Always better with friends. 🙂 Side note: aren’t ALL ventriloquist dummies evil?? I thought that was just a given. 😉 We just buy all our favorite candy and when no one shows up ‘oops guess we will have to eat it ourselves’ not free but a good excuse to have the candy around.

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    1. neveradullbling Post author

      Hahahaha, that’s a good point, yes, they definitely are all evil! It’s funny but this is the first year that I bought candy that the entire family would love, and I still have two bags of it left, 😀 ! Poor me!! BTW… waiting to hear how the test went!!!

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  4. Rebecca Royy

    Thanks for sharing your pics! I love the stability you’ve been able to provide….a bff for so many years! I didn’t have much stability when I was growing up. But vowed to give it to my kids, and I did!!

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    1. neveradullbling Post author

      Thank you! Yeah, I didn’t have that stability either, so it’s been extremely important that our son had it. He and his BFF met when he was almost 3 and his friend was almost 2. It’s been amazing to watch them grow up together. They’re like brothers, 😀

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