21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Treat

  1. mariegriffith

    Since I’ve had children (which was over 20 years ago), I can count on one hand how many baths I’ve taken without one of them being in the bathroom with me. A candlelit bath with a glass of wine would be a treat indeed!!

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  2. meesh107

    This looks glorious! I always say that my dream will be owning a house with a bathtub i can fit into. I’ve been renting for the last 10+ years and haven’t yet had a tub at any house I actually WANT to get into. Dream big, right?

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  3. Tasha

    We’re having our home built…and the builder asked me if I wanted to leave the tub out of the master bathroom since that’s what people are doing nowadays and I’m like “heck no!!!” I’m a soaker and LOVE hot, bubble baths. Yes, whatta treat!!!

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