Hill Torture


wpid-20151105_143739.jpg See the tops of the trees? Oooo….

According to my training plan, today I’m supposed to tackle this hill… running up and down it multiple times.  I’m praying for rain so all I have to do is intervals on the flat treadmill… 😉



33 thoughts on “Hill Torture

      1. janerunswild

        It is! Remember to keep arms down when going up to conserve energy and lean forward so you’re perpendicular to the hill when running down– I’ve learned these moves through a lot of hill trial and error! Have fun!

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  1. Rebecca Royy

    I like to run hills with my eyes pointed down in the hope the when I look up again, I’ll be pleasantly surprised at how little there is left to go. Usually doesn’t work though

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      1. aidyl93

        Of course it never rains the one time you want it to! At least you have trying it the first time under your belt; it’ll only get easier from here! And 1-1/2 is impressive anyway! 🙂 Thank you, I hope you have a great weekend as well!!

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  2. wanderwolf

    That hill looks scary, but it also looks like it will make you very strong. And you’re lucky to have a hill like that to train on! And you will get over it. 🙂 Looks like a fun training season ahead.

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