Just Another Day in the Pacific Northwest

A rainstorm with wind gusts up to 115 mph hit western Washington yesterday, knocking down trees and power lines.  It left over 300,000 without power for many hours, some still without.  At least 3 deaths were reported from fallen trees, one even as far as Spokane (on the eastern side of the state) as they got hit too.  Rivers throughout the Puget Sound flooded, causing even more damage.

James takes the train into Seattle, and his 1-hour commute home turned into a 4-hour nightmare. They had to evacuate the train half-way due to a fallen tree on the tracks.  All the passengers then had to walk to the nearest bus stop where the winds were whipping around them, all while watching trees fall down on transponders which then caused the transponders to explode.  Not my idea of a fun night.

Today is the calm after the storm… no wind, no rain.  Nothing but a huge mess to clean up.  Our power came back on after 18 hours, just in time before my fish froze to death (my oto/sucker fish turned completely white).  School was cancelled, and I minimally went into work.  I love living among a whole bunch of trees; however, when the wind blows, they can be quite lethal.

Needless to say… I did not get my 3-mile run done yesterday, but I did manage to cross-train on Monday… 😉


This power pole snapped in half. The wires from it now stand only about 8 feet off the ground.


Typical storm debris and fallen branches.


The ground is saturated. Hence, an uprooted tree from the wind.


Another uprooted tree… this one was huge…


These people are lucky this tree wasn’t closer to their house.


More fallen trees and debris in the road.

The next weather system is due to hit the Oregon coast and southern Washington.  Brace yourselves people… when they say be prepared, then be prepared, because they aren’t kidding.


35 thoughts on “Just Another Day in the Pacific Northwest

  1. Tasha

    Omg! What an ordeal to have to endure! Im glad your husband is ok, I would have been really worried! How did he get home? Sorry to hear about your fish…you guys have been through a lot!

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      1. neveradullbling Post author

        Oh, I know, but the buses had to keep running! People rely on them! And it seems these storms don’t happen too often. I think our last real bad one was when we first moved here in 2006… so I guess we were due. 🙂

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  2. chasingdownhealthy

    HOLY COW!! What a nightmare. I mean I’m glad you are all ok, how scary. I got a giggle at the end of your entry, I can’t imagine WHY you didn’t get your run in! 🙂 Seriously though, stay safe!

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  3. wanderwolf

    That’s crazy! You all got hit pretty hard. I’m sorry that three people died, but I’m glad it’s not more. I’m also sorry about your sucker fish. I’m sure things are returning to normal (especially now that you have power!) and I hope you and your family stay safe and take care!

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  4. aidyl93

    Wow, what an intense storm!! I’m so glad you all are all right, and James didn’t get hurt having to go through so many hurdles to get home! And thank goodness your fish didn’t freeze! That would have been sad. I agree; if they say be prepared you better do it! Either way, you’d rather be prepared and have nothing happen than be caught off guard! Good luck with the next storm coming!

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    1. neveradullbling Post author

      Thanks Lydia!! Yeah, I’m relieved that all is well too. I was in near-tears this morning about my poor fish, but I think they’re going to be okay. (I’ve been through hell and back with my fish… I may have to write about it, :D). I’m hoping all we get from the next storm is rain… you can keep that wind, it sucks!! 🙂

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      1. aidyl93

        Haha, no kidding!! Or the wind can just stay away for once.. 🙂 I’m glad to hear you think they’re going to be okay! I sure hope so. Yes, you should write about them! I’d love to hear about your fish. 🙂 I have a fish tank sitting in our utility room, but we still need to start slowly gathering the pieces to actually get it working when we have some money to spend on it. 🙂 Fish are so much fun!

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      2. neveradullbling Post author

        They are fun! I have two tanks, and one of them sits right next to “mommy’s chair,” so I can achieve total zen, lol. But, OMG, they’re hard to keep alive!! :P. That’s why I was freaking out so bad about Otto… a silly little sucker fish that I’ve had about 4 years now. (Yes, I get super attached, hehe)

        Liked by 1 person

      3. aidyl93

        I completely understand!! The plecostomus is one of my favorites. 😀 I was doing a lot of research when we first got the tank at a garage sale, and it does seem like quite a bit of work to keep them alive and healthy!! It sounds like you’re doing a fantastic job though. 🙂 That sounds wonderful to just be able to sit there and relax and watch your fish!

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