Weekly Wrap – Redmond Turkey Trot

I’m linking up with Holly from HoHo Runs and Tricia from MissSippiPiddlin for the Weekly Wrap!


Maui Half-Marathon Training, Week 6

Not a good week for training.  Power outages, massive wind storms, rain, freezing weather… I pretty much just kept my legs loosened up for the 5K Turkey Trot on Saturday.  I think I’ll just get right to that…

Inaugural Redmond Turkey Trot 

Woke up on Saturday at a much earlier time than I do during the week (only for a race, right?!). Weather conditions were freezing and clear… and I do mean freezing.


The start of the race was in the middle of Redmond Town Center, Redmond, WA.



We picked up our race packets nice and early, took a couple of photos, then went back to the car to stay warm (especially as one of us was racing in shorts, of all things… hint: it wasn’t me).



Just wait until you take those track pants off, Jamesy.


The fountain froze along the outside edge.

We managed to snag a couple of hand warmers from a booth, which didn’t actually help the freezing fingers any, but it was nice being warm somewhere even if it was just the palms of my hands.  They decided to start the race a couple of minutes early, which was fine with us as everyone was jumping around trying to keep the blood flowing.  And James was in shorts!

I’m not used to running in such extreme conditions, so it was kind of breathtaking.  Literally.  I thought my lungs were going to freeze up with every breath I took.  I didn’t regain feeling in my lips and face until after mile 1 somewhere.  Everything was uncomfortably numb.

I was aiming for a 40-minute time goal (it’s perfectly alright that I’m slower than most, I’m okay with that), so I didn’t stop to take any pictures of the course.  It was a nice running trail, mostly flat, next to a river or a stream (that I didn’t drink out of), and in places it was a little bit icy.  I tiptoed very carefully through the icy parts.

James finished his race quickly, then came back to pace me the last half-mile or so.  It was nice being able to trod along with him.  He talked the whole entire time, and I listened; and for those who aren’t runners, that means I was running just hard enough that I was not able to carry on a conversation.  James veered off just as I “entered the finish chute.”  (There wasn’t an actual chute, just a nice red brick path in which to “bring it on home.“)

Unfortunately, I didn’t make my 40 minutes, I finished in about 44.  BUT, the good news is that, according to my watch and Garmin Connect and Strava and Nike+, I had 6 personal records.  I’m very, very pleased with how the race went and with my time and with how much effort I put into it.  It’s proof positive that I’m getting better and faster as time goes on.  All it takes is practice (and a whole lot of patience… oh, and hard work, can’t forget the hard work).


James had a stellar performance.  He had never done a 5K before (a few marathons, but never a 5K, go figure), so his was a given PR.  He managed to place 2nd in his age group.  You can read his awesome race report here.  He finished in 23:16 and won a pie.  A freaking pie.  So awesome.  And so tasty.


Shorts and pie!

Afterwards, we headed off for our celebratory breakfast.  We did have to change out of our race gear first. We were in the parking garage of the Redmond Town Center, and I crawled into the back of our Honda CRV with the hatchback and changed my clothes.  Have you ever changed your clothes in such a tiny confined space?!  Let me rephrase that… have you ever tried to get out of a sports bra in such a tiny confined space?!  James held up a towel to shield me from the peeping toms.

We had breakfast at The Commons, just outside of Woodinville.  They didn’t have my pancakes and bacon, so I went with biscuits and gravy… the next best thing.


It was a fabulous day, tons of fun, a great race with great results, a great breakfast, and great company!  While this was not an official “race-cation,” this was a wonderful “race date.”  Next up for us is the Mukilteo Turkey Trot this Thursday.  James is doing the 10K, aiming for a PR, and I’m doing the 5K, still aiming for my 40 minutes.

And what makes this all worth it?  Why, it’s all about the bling, of course!  Happy Running!



28 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap – Redmond Turkey Trot

  1. HoHo Runs

    I’ve run in conditions where my whole face froze, and hands and feet, for the entire half marathon. Yikes. You know, hand warmers do just that – warm your hands. Somebody needs invent finger warmers. I like how your app breaks down the different achievements. That’s pretty cool. I just use Garmin Connect. Funny, I’ve actually won a pie before! Pecan. Good luck as you continue to train and on your next race. You’ll get that sub 40! Have a Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for linking up with us today!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. aidyl93

    Amazing!!! I always love reading about your race and all the awesome pictures you post with them as well. 😀 I didn’t realize how cold it was when you ran–it’s already impressive you beat a PR, but also in that weather?!? Holy cow! And the bling is awesome, of course! That’s so cool James got a pie. 😀 How fun. And yes, biscuits and gravy are definitely the next best thing!! (sometimes even better) I’m so glad it went well, and I know you’ll have a blast and do amazingly on Thursday as well!!


  3. Karen @ Fit in France

    I love a hot meal after a cold race. I still remember I ran a race when it was about 20 degrees out, and a couple in cold / rain. Hot food and hot coffee never taste better.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Sharon

    Way to go on your 5K! 6 personal records is awesome! I’m originally from WA and my brother lives in Kenmore so I heard about the crazy weather and power outages. Nice medal! Good luck at the Mukilteo turkey trot!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Debra @HappyRunningSole

    I hate cold weather running! By cold I mean anything 40 or below. I definitely couldn’t live where there’s ice and snow. Congrats on your 6 new records for running! Also congrats to James for placing in his age group! How cool they gave him a pie as an award. Kiddos for running in shorts.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. MB Jackson

    Wow, fun run! LOL! My coldest run was our local Turkey Trot, 2 years ago and race start it was 38 degrees! 38 degrees in central Florida! What??????? I was afraid to stop that an arm may snap off! LOL! It does’t look like it will be that cold this year- thank goodness!

    Liked by 1 person


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