The Streaking Has Begun


Meep thought he’d try streaking with me… THAT certainly didn’t last long, especially after I turned the treadmill on.

I feel so much has been accomplished already in 2016, how can I possibly do more?! Okay, kidding… that’s just my humor trickling through.

I’ll only mention one goal which James and I are aiming for this year… run streaking… or running streak… or whatever you want to call it.  We plan on running at least 1 mile every single day of 2016.  And, so, the streaking has begun.  If you want to read more about James’s goals for the year, I encourage you to visit 50 in 50 Marathon Quest… he has a great summary written.

On January 1, before we went out for our first run of the year, we did manage to check out and sign up for a couple of cool running and tracking apps such as Map My Run and Smash Run (I already play with Nike+ and Strava). We enjoy the charts and graphs and the kudos and badges, and a lot of them have different challenges that you can sign up for. Hey, why not… I’m running anyway, may as well see what it’s going to get me!  If you happen to have any of these apps, I would love to have you as a friend/running buddy!


Day 1:  2.1 miles on the treadmill… (or at least until my watch said 2.1 miles… I have all my apps connected to my watch, so whatever the watch says, goes).

20160102_161244_001.jpgDay 2:  2.1 miles.  I braved the outdoors and 20-degree weather just so I could get some outside time.  At least the sun was shining.  I took the GoPro out and tried recording video. So not only did it take video, I guess I also had it on burst mode, or something, because I had a whole slew of pictures to sort through as well.  AJ got a kick out of watching the video because you could hear my feet (clip-clop, clip-clop, clip-clop) and my heavy breathing. The child thought it was hilarious to turn it up full sound.  Time to research video-editing software.20160103_120421.jpg

Day 3:  This was actually supposed to be a long run for me.  The ground was frozen, the roads were icy, and after 30 minutes it started snowing.  Snowing!!  James and I met up at a sports park (he was a good little runner and put in 12 miles) and I ran circles around the soccer fields as there wasn’t much ice there, at least until it started snowing.  Then I had to call it a day.  That got me all of 2.3 miles.  This training cycle has been such a huge disappointment in the ways of distance for me, but I’ll not dwell on that.  I am getting really good at running 2 miles though!

Upcoming races:  I was looking at James’s sidebar on his blog, and he has a whole slew of races lined up for us this year.  Maui Oceanfront in January (14 days!), Lake Sammamish in March, Salt Lake City in April, RNR Seattle in June, Missoula in July, FitOne Boise in September, and Onward Shay Boise in October.  We’re officially registered for the first 4, and when we get back from Maui, we’ll register for Missoula.  They’re all full-out halfs and fulls except for Lake Sammamish… it’s only offered as a half.  Okay, I think I need a nap now.

Side Note:  The ‘Hawks kind of rocked the house tonight!  I may be an Arizona native, but I’m a 12th Man through and through.  Go ‘Hawks!


We had fun with the selfie stick

Time to get this party started!  Bring us your best, 2016!  We’re ready for ya!

And how are your New Year’s resolutions goals holding up so far?

24 thoughts on “The Streaking Has Begun

  1. wanderwolf

    Cute Seahawks photo 🙂 and the cat!
    Also, please no run streaking! I think that means you’re streaking, in the original sense 😉
    The weather should play nice for you too, hopefully, to prepare for all those halves!! But so far, so good. Good for you!!! Streaking is difficult, but it’s great you’re doing it together 🙂
    Have a great week!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. christinaoc

    No resolutions or goals for me… I just keep signing up for more races after I tell myself that I’m all done. 😉 I have logged all my runs in my new journal, though. Maybe that’s my goal?? lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. neveradullbling Post author

      Yes, I think that’s a great goal, because, dang it, I’m working on getting into that habit every night too. Dear oh dear… it’s tougher than it appears, isn’t it, so thanks for the reminder (I would’ve forgot tonight, lol), 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  3. artisticsharon

    LOL when I first read this I thought you meant really streaking!! but then common sense prevailed and I ‘got it’! duh!
    Good Luck to you both, that’s a serious goal – can’t imagine going out for a run the day after a Half :-/
    I only have one race on the calendar – Dasani Half in Myrtle Beach…I guess I need to get better at planning and goal setting!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. neveradullbling Post author

      Lol, I always think of actual streaking too, that’s why it cracks me up! You’ve made a fabulous start for your training, so I think you’re doing pretty good with your goals. Once James and I started training last summer, we just decided not to stop which is why we’re doing them all back to back. There’s enough time between each of them for a cycle, 😀


  4. Melissa @ See Dav Run

    Great goal! Way to get out there even when the conditions aren’t super.

    New Year’s goals are in tact so far; abstained from drinks (even when running with Team Mimosa!) and enjoyed my first couple of races! You’re an inspiration!

    Liked by 1 person


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