Echoes Of My Neighborhood

The following are pictures of where I spend a lot of my day… work (a wildlife rehab facility). Well, this is the outside anyway.  It’s my little bit of peace on earth… and while I’m not too keen on the snow and ice right now, the beauty of this area just can’t be beat.


These are the eagle flights for the resident eagles.


The office area is actually a house. The center was founded by a lady who started rehabbing animals out of her back yard, then it compounded. We now have 5 acres of property.


The pond on the center’s property. A couple of beavers live there, and they have been gracious enough to clear out most of the trees for us. Beavers are so very important to the eco system… they should never be considered a pest.




Trees, trees, and more trees.


It wouldn’t be work without my favorite bunny Daryl (the clinic manager’s baby)!

In response to Jackie’s challenge at A Cooking Pot and Twisted Tales, Echoes of My Neighbourhood.  She invites us all to share pictures of our own little corner of the world. Thanks Jackie!  Love this challenge!

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