Smashrun Badges

It’s taper week in my household, but we’re still streaking!  After logging my 1-mile run last night on Smashrun, I earned 5 badges.  This is what makes running so fun!  It’s all about the accomplishment and bling!  And Smashrun gives you all kinds of incentives to just keep you going!


I have earned the “Chill Runner” badge!  I love this!  Everyone knows I’m not a fast runner, although I’m working on improving.  In the meantime, I simply embrace the fact that I actually run period!  What I love about this is the description of the “chill runner!”  Because “I am chill.” Hahahaha!  “I know how to take my time and enjoy my runs.”  Yes!  Amen!


Another badge I earned was the “Easy Runner.”  Again, read the description!  What a brilliant way to encourage slower runners!  Love!  I laughed so hard and was so appreciative of this badge!  The description sounds almost like the infamous Honey Badger!  I love being associated with the Honey Badger’s attitude!

Okay, there may actually be some hard-core runners out there who think that I’m disrespecting the sport by taking my slow running so light-hearted; not so. I’m slow, but I work hard at getting faster.  It may take me six months to knock another minute off my pace or it may take me a year, but I’m okay with that because I’m faster than I was when I started this journey, and I plan on being faster next year at this time.  When I’m 70, I’ll be the one crossing the finish line at the 100-mile Western States Endurance Run with only 5 seconds until cutoff.

In the meantime, I love being a “Chill and Easy Runner.”  Because that’s how I roll baby!

27 thoughts on “Smashrun Badges

  1. 50in50marathonquest

    Those are so awesome…of course, I happened to be sitting right there when they popped up on your computer! Fabulous, and you are making fantastic progress, which we shall see again at the weekend!

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  2. acbrandt

    I’ve never heard of SmashRun, but it sounds awesome! I’m going to have to play with it. I love that instant gratification–when my fitbit buzzes to let me know I’ve hit my daily steps I always do a little happy dance.

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  3. wanderwolf

    I don’t think you’re a dishonor to the sport at all. In fact, you are a an honor!
    And you’re rocking that pace, and it will get faster, and even if it doesn’t that’s cool. Keep streaking, keep being cool!

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  4. Tasha

    On the contrary, I think you’re an inspiration for us non-runners to get out there and do what we can no matter what the pace or length. I love how honest you are about it. Who knows where you’ll be in a year? One things for sure, you’ll have your blog to see how far you’ve come!

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  5. Chris (smashrun)

    Congrats! You’ll be running long after most of the sprinters have blown out their knees. Excited to hear you’re going for 366 days in 2016. I’ve only ever run a 100 day streak. The funny thing was that when I finished it, and I finally had a day off, I expected I’d feel rested and have a bit more energy, but instead after skipping my run my legs felt worse, and I just felt so lethargic.

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