Echoes of My Neighbourhood #2

This is my wonderful little neighborhood….


The covered bridge at our entrance.


One of the residential streets…


The playground…


The trees right across from my house. I get very nervous when the wind blows (you can see how they tower over the street light)


The trailhead where most of my runs begin.


Driving to work I pass a lot of farms. Every year, this particular farmer stacks bales of hay and spray paints “Go Hawks.” Love it!

In response to Jackie’s challenge at A Cooking Pot and Twisted Tales, Echoes of My Neighbourhood.  She invites us all to share pictures of our own little corner of the world. Thanks Jackie!

23 thoughts on “Echoes of My Neighbourhood #2

    1. neveradullbling Post author

      Your comment got stuck in my spam, I don’t know why! But thank you! The bridge isn’t particularly ancient, but it does add a lot of character to the neighborhood (and really is a bridge, :D)


    1. neveradullbling Post author

      Again, you got stuck in my spam, sorry! I’m not sure sure if it’s hay or wheat, but yes, they bag the roll and let it sit out all winter. I have no idea if these particular bales are useful after the winter, but the farmers definitely show their support for the Seahawks! They do this every fall! It’s fabulous! These farmers also have organic free-range chicken eggs and grass-fed cows. They do really well!


      1. Br Andrew Efo

        The first time I saw circular bales like these was in the US in 1989, I was there in the winter of 89/90. In Australia we still had the machines which baled them with twine – now I do believe we have both. Here and now chaff and straw are sold in the gardening centre’s as mulches and the hay which is a pedigree straw is still stored for Cattle, but in barnes. In England around the outskirts of Coventry it was baled and then built into a stack of bales, rather than a Hay stack which is different -then turned every so often during the winter and it was used for fodder for cattle.

        It’s great when they do well I love the roadside stalls in the country here – right at the bottom of tracks kilometres long containing produce and honour system – a tin for money.

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  1. Chocolaterunsjudy

    Heck, I get nervous that one of our pine trees is going to topple over onto Lola crushing her. And she just loves to go back there. In the summer I discourage it, but in the winter, as long as she’s doing her business outside, I don’t really care that much where it is, but I do worry.

    WA is so beautiful. I do love running when we’re there, except for those hills!

    I’m not sure I could stand the grayness, though. It’s bad enough here. At least you have less snow & if you delve into it, not actually that much more rain!

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