Small Town Charm

I live in a beautiful little town that surrounds a lake.  We’re very rural here and don’t have much of a downtown, but this little clock tower is a great landmark.  It’s sits in the town center.


Yes, it was raining today… a lot… so I walked over to the stream that runs this-way and that-way through our town.  Because of all the rain, it was flowing full force.  Believe me when I say, I will take this rain over the ice and snow we had in November and December any day.  (Looking at the picture above, the stream runs just left of the clock tower)  Just another day… 🙂


This was also posted in response to Jackie’s challenge, Echoes of my Neighbourhood, from A Cooking Pot and Twisted Tales.  Share in the fun!  I feel I get to see the whole world right here from the comfort of my living room!  Thanks Jackie!

17 thoughts on “Small Town Charm

  1. jacquelineobyikocha

    Rightly titled ‘small town charm.’ It’s the little things like this that we overlook at times that forms all the chords which makes a place home in our minds and hearts.This reminds me of the stream that we used to wade in as young kids.

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  2. Tasha

    It’s amazing that you can find so many interesting things to photograph in your small, rural town. I was just telling Jackie yesterday that I don’t find much interesting to photograph where I live…here in KS. I guess it’s all about perspective though. I enjoy these posts as well. Such a great idea!

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    1. neveradullbling Post author

      I actually saw you had told her that, and I was thinking, share anything Tasha! Even the corner hardware store! Or looking down the street somewhere! I’ve never been to KS and I would love to see it from your eyes! The trees, the flowers, do you have grass in your yard, what does a bus stop look like there. Next week, I think I’ll post a bus stop because they’re just so different everywhere!! 😀


      1. Tasha

        You sound very convincing, Paula. lol…I will definitely think about it. Hey, guess what I made and ate for the first time last night? Yep, spaghetti squash. It was really good, although I may had under cooked it. One recipe online told me to cook it for 40 minutes at 375…but then later I saw another that said cook for 40 mins at 450. It was a tad crunchy but I’d never had it before and wasn’t sure if it was all done or not. It was still good…although my kids weren’t as accepting. Maybe next time I’ll make it better! 🙂


      2. neveradullbling Post author

        Oh wonderful! I actually cook mine for 40 minutes then pull them out and let them sit and steam for half an hour as they’re face down on the pan. It is a little crunchy, but if you want softer, I would go more 375 for an hour. Try that for a starting point anyway! Didn’t you get too full eating it?!! I always do but it’s only like 150 calories, and James and I eat half each! Aj hates it, lol!


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