I Cooked!

I did something totally out of character for me last night… for Meatless Monday, I actually cooked!  And something other than spaghetti squash!

I’ve been following some fabulous recipe blogs, and boy, am I ever inspired!  So many of you are just fabulous with ingredients, and seasonings, and cooking, and baking, and… well… just wow! I thought it would be kind of fun to see if I could come up with a new and tasty dinner for James and I to try from your recipes even though the kitchen and I just don’t get along.

I was planning on making Lynz Real Cooking’s Traditional Falafal recipe.  However… it kind of worried me that I didn’t have a meat grinder.  I’ve never had falafal before, and I think I’d like to taste it first before I go and botch it all up as it looks like something I really, really, really want to like!

So I searched her recipe archives and found Zucchini Pie!  Perfect!  I knew what all the ingredients were (sometimes this is a serious challenge for me) and I knew what you were supposed to do in each step, so I gave it a whirl! Voila!


The only thing I did different was I added mushrooms, and I did keep the mozzarella cheese in it as well (she gives you the option to leave it out).  I did have to use a ready-made frozen pie crust because the only thing I can roll out is Play-Dough, but the entire dish was fabulous!  This is definitely a keeper!  Great recipe, Lynn!  Thank you so much for your inspiration!


But I didn’t stop there!!  Months ago when I first saw this brownie recipe I wanted to make it for my son as he loves brownies so much.  Again, I suck in the kitchen, so I put it off for a long, long time.  Until now.  Say hello to Lynz Real Cooking’s Mint Cookie Brownies!


Before I baked the brownies, I added chocolate chips to the top because, well… the more chocolate the better, amiright?!


Smashing those cookies was great for the soul!! I had actually gotten some Mint Oreo’s, but the boys ate them before I got to use them, so I used some other chocolate mint cookies instead. They were still fun to smash!


And there you have it!  Wonderful Mint Cookie Brownies via Lynz Real Cooking!  My husband and I loved the Zucchini Pie (sorry, Lynn, can’t convince the child to even try it, haha), and all three of us adored the brownies!  And if I can make these recipes, then anyone can do it!  Again, a big thank you to Lynn for both of these recipes!!

Go ahead!  Try it… you’ll like it!!


61 thoughts on “I Cooked!

  1. honestme363

    That zucchini pie does look pretty great. I have been waiting to try that falafel recipe too. The ingredients are sitting here waiting. 😊 And I’ll vouch for her cream cheese brownies, but make sure company is coming over. I ate half of them, no joke!

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  2. creativecritters77

    I love cooking myself 😉 That zucchini pie sounds good- I’ll have to try that when I’ve got zucchini in the garden. Glad you got out of your comfort zone a bit and gave these recipes a whirl 😉 Personally I think cooking can be a lot of fun!

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    1. neveradullbling Post author

      I’ve tried and tried and have a great desire to be a good cook, but I always screw something up!! I think it’s shattered my confidence, lol! Maybe I’m finally starting to get better, 😀


  3. Lynz Real Cooking

    You are so so sweet to try my recipes! Thank you dear dear Paula! I am so glad it worked out and I love the things you added! I am so glad you liked them and James too! This is the point of my blog and having you try them means so much to me!! xxx

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      1. Lynz Real Cooking

        So glad! that is a huge compliment. For me I laugh when I hear that people might not share a recipe or they might not give exact details, something ladies used to talk about through the years. I love hearing it worked out I feel successful and helpful! I never used to measure so trying to measure, go back and test again etc. Thanks so much thanks James!

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  4. watermark17

    Wow! Great job! Your Zucchini pie looks SO delicious and those brownies absolutely decadent!!! I don’t know how you do it! Run, family time, and Cook!!! You’re Superwoman!!! Xoxoxo.

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  5. Linda

    They both look great! Lynn is such a good cook – and such an inspiration to us all! (I can’t get my kids to eat zucchini either – but it’s one of my favorite veggies and I keep trying new ways to cook it to try and trick them!! LOL) – Have a great week 🙂

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  6. Tasha

    Speaking of spaghetti squash…..so I made it again, just the way you said…and everyone LOVED it this time. All of the kids wanted more as well as hubby! It was definitely a hit. Thanks!!

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  7. Wandering Soul

    I am not to fond of cooking myself, but I love to eat. Only if someone would make all of these yummy chocolate mint brownies or mushroom cheese pie for me. 😛 😀

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