Echoes Of My Neighbourhood #10

I am joining Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha from A Cooking Pot and Twisted Tales for her series, “Echoes of My Neighbourhood,” where she challenges us all to share a photo of bits and pieces of wherever you are at any point in time.

I live in a rural area in the Pacific Northwest.  For 3 of our seasons, you can pretty much count on the rain being somewhere in the weather forecast.  But I love the rain, every day of it, otherwise I wouldn’t live here.

Anyway, as I said, we’re very rural.  And on those long country roads, one sees various outbuildings just hanging about for no particular reason.  They’re small and they have a bench and they provide cover from the rain.  The only thing I can surmise is at one time, they were used by children waiting for the school bus.  But if I’m wrong and if someone knows their actual use, please shout it out.  It’s been a great mystery to me for years. Regardless, they come in a variety of shapes and colors and are quite fun to look at.



The following is actually a “free library” on the side of the road.  Donate a book, take a book, go sit on the bench and read a book.  The planters are gorgeous in the summer, filled with flowers and color.  Every spring the wood is touched up made to look new again which, in turn, makes the bench look super inviting.  What a fabulous idea to promote reading and re-use!  Kudos to the incredible people who created this!


39 thoughts on “Echoes Of My Neighbourhood #10

    1. neveradullbling Post author

      I know! It’s the coolest thing! And it’s out in the middle of nowhere! 🙂 And what I really like is that everyone respects it! No graffiti, no destruction (other than weather), and it’s always there! Small town goodness!! 🙂

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  1. arunadayamy

    Adorable little buildings! We have a free-trade library at our train station. I’ve heard of some people doing them in their front yards! Growing up in Lancaster County, there were many little outbuildings at the end of farm driveways. They house telephones; the Amish conduct business there since no phones are allowed in the main house.


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      1. Rebecca Royy

        I talked to some people who done these before. They say you run for a while, rest/eat/visit for a while and then repeat. So not full time 12 straight hours of running!

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      2. neveradullbling Post author

        It actually does sound kind of fun! And now James is talking about next year running 12 for the 100K, then the following year for 24 so he can get 100 miles… hahahaha, it never ends, :D! But yes, it does sound like a fun event!! Now he’s just informed me I can do the 24 for 100 miles as my pace only has to be 14:24. Easy peasy, right? Omg… You’ve created a monster, hahahaha!!

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  3. jacquelineobyikocha

    What delightfully cute waiting rooms. That library is such a good idea. It would encourage and foster some good reading in an area. See why I like this photo challenge, you get to see things that you ordinarily wouldn’t be privy to. Thank you Paula 🙂

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