Salt Lake City Coming Up!

I’m procrastinating going out for my long run today as the weather is never good here on a Sunday, it’s always pouring of rain.  This is what I’m training for now, 20 days away. Super nice bling.  Yes, I train for the bling… and you know this.  If you enjoy reading recaps of how training is going, check out Jamesy’s most recent post.  He gives a great summary.

While I only have 10 miles to conquer today, he’s going for the big 20 to 22.  Wish him luck… he’s going to need it in this weather!  🙂

It’s been several weeks since the last marathon training update and, behold, in just 3 weeks we will be heading to Salt Lake City, Utah for marathon number 2 of 2016 and state number 6. So, time for a marathon training checkin. The past few weeks have been crazy busy, up and down, and wreaked havoc on my…

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22 thoughts on “Salt Lake City Coming Up!

  1. Tasha

    Thats some seriously intense training!! Do you guys have a plan for once you accomplish your goal of 50 marathons in 50 states or will you just cross that bridge once you get to it?

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    1. neveradullbling Post author

      Hehe, yeah, this one is going to take us some time to accomplish. I’ll be in my 60s when we complete it, so who knows after that. :D. When we did Maui, a couple had just completed their 50 states (with Maui), and they said they were done with the full marathons after that, (they were in their 60s). Time will tell. 😀

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  2. Rebecca Royy

    I’m procrastinating too! Don’t have a long run…but thinking about 6 miles. In the meantime, the rain clouds are getting ever closer. I did eat a pop tart to guilt myself into heading out. So far it hasn’t worked! Hope you’re having a nice Easter

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  3. watermark17

    That is some Beautiful Bling!!! I know that training in the rain can be a drag, but you are amazing to get out there and do it anyways. It looks like the sunshine is on its way!!! Happy Training! xoxoxo.

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