Pre-race Freak Out? Nahhhh….

Considering it’s the night before, I’m actually not suffering from my typical pre-race freak-out right now.  As a matter of fact, I couldn’t be more relaxed.  Which is odd.  Especially given how I felt last week.  But that could be because I totally lost it last weekend, and maybe once I resigned myself to “whatever will be, will be,” that totally wiped all my fears away.  It’s a great feeling!


James and I took a selfie on the plane.  About an hour later, we ran into the worst turbulence we had ever experienced, in the history of ever!  Apparently we flew right into a snow storm, and wow, wow.  We were thrown all over the place.  We were totally ready for a drink when we landed, so that’s where we headed… straight to happy hour!  At Squatters!


I have a lot of family in the Salt Lake City area, so today was a mini family reunion for me.  I spent the entire day in Temple Square with a few of my aunts and a couple of my cousins.  (I’m 5th from the left)


It’s extremely cold here to me, so I won’t have any heat issues tomorrow on the course, which I think may be a good thing.  But the flowers are out and around the temple, looking so beautiful. I was told that last weekend was spring-like, and next weekend is supposed to be spring-like, but this weekend is supposed to be winter-like… and it is indeed that.  Still, the flowers add warmth.


Have you ever seen the SLC Temple up close?  A fabulous piece of architecture.  I went to a building across the way and got an eye-level picture of it.  The sky was gorgeous.


We then finished up the evening at The Spaghetti Factory in Trolley Square for our last major carb load before the gun goes off.


As for Jamesy and I… mentally we’re doing great!  No need to really post the picture of Bill the Cat as we are ready to rock and roll!!  Next time I see you, I’ll be one sparkly bling richer and sore as hell!! 😉


Have a great weekend!!

26 thoughts on “Pre-race Freak Out? Nahhhh….

  1. artisticsharon

    Have a great race…go at your own pace and enjoy the scenery. I’ve started doing that in my last couple of races and it actually seems like the time passes more quickly. I’ll be cheering for you!!!!!!

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  2. Janet Wilson

    Hiya well done you made it!! Not so sure about the turbulence scary. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Time for bed this side of the pond! Jx

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  3. watermark17

    That’s awesome that you didn’t get the pre-race jitters and you could enjoy the whole traveling/pre-race experience. Turbulence can be scary. I was on a tiny plan from Wyoming to Colorado once and it was the most turbulence I had every experienced. I’m glad you made it safely. Also that pic of the temple is stunning.

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  4. honestme363

    Fabulous pics! I think I would totally freak out if I hit turbulence in a plane. For some reason I have flashbacks to the first episode of Lost! Congrats on completing SLC It looked so hilly on the graph my calves are burning just thinking about it 😉

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