Happy Friday!

A policeman knocked on my door this morning, but I just locked it and sat in complete silence. After 20 seconds he knocked again, but I continued to ignore it.  The knocks got louder and more frequent, but I was determined not to move in the hope that he would go away.

Then he decided to look through the window.  He shouted, “Do you think I’m stupid?  I can see you in there, ma’am.  Open the door.”  I said, “You’re not coming in!”

He said, “I don’t want to come in, I just want you to step out of the car.”


Last night, I sent James a text.  Keep in mind, I’m sitting near/next to him the whole time, and he was totally engrossed in the NFL draft pick thing that was going on, so I’m not sure anything other than football was resonating with him.  He fell for it and I had tears coming out of my eyes by the time he caught on.


(I’m super good at entertaining myself.)  I tried it next on AJ, and he yelled from across the house, “No it doesn’t!!”  Didn’t even send me a text.  No sense of humor.

It’s Friday, and I’m in the mood to smile and laugh.  If either of these little sillies didn’t make you giggle, go visit Tasha at Hit Below The Belt Hard.  She’s an expert at Funny Fridays!

Have a fabulous weekend!!  And don’t forget to…


21 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

  1. Tasha

    Frickin hilarious!!! For a sec I was thinking you’re a bada$$ for speaking to an officer like that!!! I totally fell for the gullible…had to see for myself!!! lol…Thanks for the mention Paula…hope the rest of your weekend is just as fun(ny)!! 😀

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  2. BunKaryudo

    These did make me laugh. The one about “gullible” reminds me of a joke from my elementary school days.

    A: Do you know the second sign of madness?
    B: What?
    A: Seeing hairs on the palms of your hands.
    B: [Kid B usually looked at his or her hands at this point.]
    A: The first sign is looking for them.

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