Motivational Music Monday #11

It’s time once again for Jamesy’s Motivational Music Monday!  Anyone can contribute, so go check out 50 in 50 Marathon Quest and add a song and/or link in the comments!

I’m going to be the first to admit that my song choice isn’t exactly motivational, but what a freaky video!  Regardless, it’s still a catchy little ditty!  James chose a fun little tune from 2012, so I thought I’d take my cue from that… I went with the biggest hit from 2012, per Billboard.  I kind of think the song he chose and the song I chose appropriately… complement… each other.  😀  I don’t know… you decide.

Without further ado, I present…

Gotye, Somebody That I Used To Know

Happy Monday!  May you have a blessed week!

15 thoughts on “Motivational Music Monday #11

      1. neveradullbling Post author

        Awwww, I’m so sorry. But you mustn’t look at it as a failure. That’s too negative and will bring you down. It’s more like “I chose sleep over running, but next time I’ll nail it!” Hehe!! 😀

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      1. The Happy Healthy Kiwi

        Kimbra! Did you know she’s a Kiwi? Her music isn’t exactly my usual style but it’s varied and interesting. As far as the dance moves, I think it’s a Kiwi thing that 99% of us didn’t get the memo on, just look at the way Lorde dances! Great pic this week, it’s a permanent feature on my playlist ☺

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      2. neveradullbling Post author

        Hehe, that’s hilarious! I’ve been sick all week and haven’t had a chance to check her out yet, but now I really really really have to! 😀 And no, I didn’t know she’s a Kiwi!

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