Music Time!

It’s Monday, so it must be time for another Motivational Music Monday with 50 in 50 Marathon Quest!  Anyone can join in on the fun, so go say hi to James and add a song!

It appears that Jamesy has chosen to go with some ’90s alternative something or another, and I have decided to follow suit (not that you have to… feel free to choose whatever song floats your boat this week, :D).

I was not a huge grunge or alternative music fan way back when; however, I thought these guys were great!  Loved the beat, the music, the sound, the freaky-deaky lyrics.  As a matter of fact, I enjoyed every single song on the album “The Real Thing”, which is not an easy feat to pull off, especially when you’re not Michael Buble.  These guys rocked then, and they rock now! I still will listen to their entire album, and I have at least 1 or 2 of their songs on every playlist I create. Like I said, they rock, and they keep me moving.

Faith No More, Falling to Pieces

Now what I didn’t know is they did a remake of “Easy.”  Mike Patton does a lovely job, is quite the singer… a good tune… I might have to add their version to my music library.

Enjoy your day… and be sure to do something that makes you smile!!

14 thoughts on “Music Time!

  1. Rebecca Royy

    I am completely unfamiliar with them!! I’ll have to check it out. Always looking for new tunes (even if they aren’t really new).

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