16 years… and counting…

Today is mine and James’s 16th wedding anniversary!!  Yay!!  #FlashbackFriday!!


In 1999, before we were engaged.


Our engagement picture.

It was 105 degrees F on our wedding day in Tucson, Arizona. I don’t know how everyone managed to wear those jackets!



We’ve come a long way baby!!  Happy Anniversary to Jamesy at 50 in 50 Marathon Quest!!



78 thoughts on “16 years… and counting…

  1. Janet wilson

    Happy day, I was telling my girlfriends over coffee this morning about the day and boy it was hot. Lovely memories and you looked so beautiful that day. Jx

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  3. munchkinontheroad

    Best wishes to you both on your 16 years of marriage. May the love that you share last your lifetime through.

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  4. breidengale

    Don’t know how I missed this post earlier!! Happy Anniversary!! 16 years is huge! You don’t look much different. Honest. How did they keep those coats on in Tucson? Beautiful pictures. All of them. Many many more years to you friend! ❤

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