Motivational Music Monday #14

What time is it??  It’s time for some music motivation, of course, courtesy of James over at 50 in 50 Marathon Quest!  Go check out his music choice for this week, see if it helps get you get out and get moving!  If it doesn’t, then add your own song in the comment section!  Maybe it’ll get him motivated to get up and get out!!

Although… I have to say… this week’s pick from him is totally in honor of our anniversary and one of my all-time favorites (and also my karaoke nemesis because of one particular evil key change).  Do go check it out… you can see which song makes me throw the microphone across the room every single time.  I’ve only nailed it solid once… out of like 500.

So, if you know me, I kinda follow suit… whatever he leads with, I tend to follow.  Not that you have to… I just do as it gives me direction.  And, well, it’s Michael Bublé… need I say more.

Michael Bublé, Everything (right back at ya 50 in 50!)

Have a beautiful week!



9 thoughts on “Motivational Music Monday #14

  1. artisticsharon

    I’ve been meaning to post this song for a few weeks but kept forgetting 😦 Every time this comes on I think of Motivational Music Monday! It’s “Like I Can” by Sam Smith…the tempo is just perfect for me 😉

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    1. neveradullbling Post author

      Cool!! Thanks Sharon!! I’d not heard that song before! It’s very nice, very up beat, and the men do indeed look smart in their tuxes, :D. I’ll have to do more research on this Sam Smith guy!! 😀

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