Rock ‘N’ Roll Seattle Half Marathon

It wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t fun, but yes, I finished.  One of the best ways to see a city is to run a race through it.  I got some great shots of Seattle… shots I wouldn’t otherwise be able to get. Here is my day in pictures.


This is at the start. So many people, it took me over an hour to cross the starting mat once the first corral had gone. James hit the 5K mark before I even started.


We started at the Space Needle/Seattle Center.


Alaskan Way Viaduct… can you see the wall to wall people?


So majestic to see both stadiums… and knowing that is where the finish line is… so close yet so far away.


A nice shot of the Columbia Center. Remember I was recently at the top of that building?


The huge ferris wheel on the waterfront. Another landmark.


I love it when drum lines play on the course.


Mariachis serenading us from above. I was starving at this point and was ready for my Mexican food.


A group of pirates cheering us on and handing out water, mile 7.


This guy is always here at this particular point during the race, right next to Genesee Park heading to Lake Washington Blvd.


Lake Washington Blvd… a gorgeous stretch.


Close to 1/2-mile lined with American Flags, right after the memory mile, mile 9.


Safeco Field, home of the Seattle Mariners, mile 12.


And done!!


I ended up logging over 18 miles that day (love the worthless stats).  Next up, Missoula Marathon and Half on July 10th.

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful dads out there and especially to my husband James over at 50 in 50 Marathon Quest!  May you all have a beautiful day!


37 thoughts on “Rock ‘N’ Roll Seattle Half Marathon

  1. watermark17

    Congratulations!!! That is some beautiful bling and such a wonderful way to spend Father’s Day. You were probably finished with your half before I woke up this morning! Great job!!! Xoxoxo

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    1. neveradullbling Post author

      Thanks Rob!! I put “I Question You” on my playlist, and it came on right when I was contemplating turning off and only finishing the 8K because I hurt so bad. I took it as a sign to continue on, which I did, then my mantra became “every step gets you closer to the finish line.” So yes indeed, thank you!!

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      1. roberthansen1317

        That is awesome. Thank you for putting my song on your playlist. That was a sign from God. My wife listens to Christian music on her runs and it never fails when she is struggling just the right song comes on to keep her going. Thanks again and congratulations again. It’s rough to finish with an injury but you did it.

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  2. artisticsharon

    Wow! That is some awesome BLING!! Sorry to hear the feet are still bothering you…and how you muscled through it is just amazing! Kick back & put your feet up – literally! Thanks for the scenic pics too 😉

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  3. Alittlebitoutoffocus

    Congrats to you both on finishing. It must have been tough for you with your injury, so well done for running and seeing it through. I loved the picture of the inflatable guitarist. They should have one of them at every mile marker so that you never miss one ! Nice photos of the route too, it feels like I ran it with you now. Though it’s much easy sitting on the sofa ! 😉

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    1. neveradullbling Post author

      Haha, thanks Mike! Like you said, when the going gets tough, the tough get going!! ;D And the race definitely wasn’t lacking in way of stuff to look at! The rocker guy is really cool! I guess it’s a Brooks thing, with a huge aid station behind it. 🙂

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  5. Chocolaterunsjudy

    Wow, and I thought Vegas was bad cause it took about half an hour to get to the start (although maybe it was 40 minutes?). It wasn’t an hour, I know that.

    Did you meet up with some of the bloggers running it? I know there were quite a few!

    18 miles is way too much on those poor feet. 😦

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    1. neveradullbling Post author

      No, we didn’t actually meet up with anyone although we were planning to. The logistics just didn’t work out for that. I couldn’t even make it to the expo. It was crazy Judy. And then afterwards, all we wanted to do was go home, shower, and nap. We’d had such a long day. I think it’s worse when you live in the area as opposed to travel somewhere. When you travel, you get a hotel close to the finish line so no worries. But here, we were out the door at 4:15 a.m. and didn’t get home until 3 p.m. A long day!

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      1. Chocolaterunsjudy

        Definitely a long day! I’ve never done a half near here, but I have done halfs where there was no hotel near the start or finish so we still had to drive. Never a really long drive, but we have also driven to a lot of halfs and some of THOSE were long drives.

        It’s too bad you weren’t able to meet up with anyone. 😦 You never know who you’ll run into at a race though . . .I missed seeing Sean Astin at Zooma Annapolis last year, apparently.

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    1. neveradullbling Post author

      Thank you!! And I’m glad you enjoyed the photos! I did think of you while I was out there, and of chimneys! But I did try to channel your strategy and it worked for a long while until my feet started hurting really, really bad! But it actually felt better to run than walk… oh, it was a day. The good news is I think I’m actually on the mend, so yayyy! (My feet were in ice most of the night, hehe)

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  6. Stephanae V. McCoy

    Wow 18 miles!!! Just thinking about that makes me want to grab my inhaler. Congratulations Paula and I really enjoyed looking at your photos along the route. I’ve never been to Seattle and the photos I’ve seen haven’t captured what you’ve done here.

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