Sunday Runday

I wasn’t feeling too terribly motivated to get out this morning and go for a run, so I decided to make it interesting and went on a little treasure hunt… for chimneys!  Slow Runner Girl actually gave me the idea as she found the most gorgeous chimney on one of her runs (see it here), but granted, Lake Stevens doesn’t have near the cool stuff that Dublin, Ireland does… still, it was fun to search.


Nahhh, not a terribly interesting chimney, but at least it’s brick!


Another brick chimney, right up against a greenbelt. I’m guessing the picture was so bright because the sun may have been shining directly into my face. Still not too terribly interesting.

As you can see, I kind of struck out in regards to chimneys, but what a beautiful day to be out and getting a stretch.


If you look wayyy down the street there, notice how it goes up?! Because the Pacific Northwest is hilly!! 😉


The lake sure was beautiful. I had half a mind to jump in, it was so inviting.


I would’ve crossed this log when I was a kid… nowadays, too many things can break… like a hip!! 😀


The Veterans Memorial in downtown. I was standing on a HILL when I took this.

On a side note, today would’ve been my father’s 87th birthday, born July 3, 1929.  He’s been gone for 18 years now… gone, but of course, never forgotten.  Please, no sorry’s… I just wanted to share a couple of pictures of him. 🙂


He served in the Korean war as a paratrooper. After jumping out of airplanes for 2 years, I don’t think “afraid” was in his vocabulary.


Southern Arizona fancy dress… a bolo tie and a western shirt. If he wore his bolo tie, then he was dressed to the nines.

And in other news… James and I are childless this next week.  AJ has gone to Boise to stay with his grandparents, then we’ll pick him up again in Missoula next weekend and bring him back home.  I think I’ve already saved $100 on the grocery bill, haha!  (Miss you, Child!)


For my American friends, happy 4th of July!  Stay safe out there and be smart if you enjoy lighting off fireworks.  As well, this is the worst day of the year for birds and all wildlife in the U.S., so please be mindful.  Enjoy your holiday!

24 thoughts on “Sunday Runday

  1. SlowRunnerGirl

    Happy 4th of July! You have such a nice neighbourhood 🙂 love the contrast to Ireland. The lake looks intriguing, can’t be too cold or is it? I like the American chimneys as well 😀 now what can we hunt next?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. neveradullbling Post author

      You’re so kind, thank you!! 😀 Yes, the lake gets super cold, although I was on a dock when I took that picture so I didn’t get to feel the temperature today, but in the middle of summer, it’s quite refreshing!

      I don’t know… what shall we hunt next? I’ll follow your lead, hehe! I almost took pictures of boats too, as that was your latest find, 😀 , so just let me know and I’ll be on it!

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  2. lynne hoareau

    What a lovely idea to make a run more exciting especially if the motivation is not there, and lets face it….it happens. Well, you certainly have a very scenic little spot to run around…that lake, OMW I wanted to jump in through my computer screen !!!
    Lovely pic’s of your dad 🙂 and nice you shared them on his special day 🙂
    Well, Paula, enjoy the week, and try not get into too much mischief !!! lol x

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  3. Rebecca Royy

    Thanks for sharing pics of your dad. My dad has been gone for many years also. And he was a Korean war vet too. He was stationed in your neck of the woods (Olympia?). Worked in Counter intelligence. What a dummy I was as a teenager when I tried to lie to him!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. neveradullbling Post author

      Hahahaha! Yeah, I’d say! Counter intelligence!! What were you thinking, lol! Yes, Olympia is the capital of Washington. My dad didn’t really want to accept that his daughter was a little hellion, so he just did his best at avoidance. It only really lasted from 15 to 18yo, then we were all good. I was a hellion no more after that, haha.


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