Motivational Music Monday — Lovergirl

It’s time for Jamesy’s MMM linkup at 50 in 50 Marathon Quest, calling forth for all motivational or not-so-motivational music to be posted for those of us in need of some new or different types of sound.  Go visit his site and post a rockin’ good (or bad) song in the comments!

I’m not particularly in the mood to follow suit with what he’s posted, so I’m going completely different.  I’m hittin’ up the good old Eighties!  What a great era for music!  Back then, we all liked to bang our head and rock out, even the girls.  Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Miss Teena Marie and Lovergirl, an oldie but always a goodie.

(Feel free to click the extra links above… you might find bonus music…)  Hope your week is nothing less than wonderful!

13 thoughts on “Motivational Music Monday — Lovergirl

  1. Lady G

    Yes you did!!!!!!
    Thank you soooooo much for this! Teena is my girl! Yes, I realize that she has passed on but she will remain my girl forever! RIP Lady T!
    For me, she is probably one of my ALL TIME favorites!
    I hope you have a magnificent week my friend!

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    1. neveradullbling Post author

      Hahaha, I knew you’d like this one!! Oh, but I hope I didn’t inadvertently borrow it from one your jam sessions, which is so very possible (love the 80s tunes you post and write about)!! ;D Wishing you a fabulous week too!! Xoxo

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      1. Lady G

        LOL!!!!😘 Thanks for the nod! You go ahead and borrow as much as you like! Also, thanks for your kind words. I’m glad you can brave that salty Lady G’s “My Jams😀”

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