Meanwhile in Scotland…

Check out these desserts my in-laws are enjoying while on holiday!

  • First up, from the Brig O Doon in Ayr:

My mother-in-law, Janet, who recently visited us in June. No, she didn’t eat this all by herself, 🙂

  • From Souter Johnnie’s Inn, Ayr.  The dessert so big, two pictures had to be taken so we could see the beauty of it all:



Oh hey everyone… this is my father-in-law’s first appearance on my blog!  Meet Alan!  Hi Alan! Great dessert you have there!  Care to share?  

Brag time:  Alan ran a 2:58 London Marathon in the early ’90s.  He was in his 40s.

Fact: My son is named Alan James, or A.J. as we call him… unless he’s in trouble, then all the syllables in his name come out.

What’s on your dessert plate today??


Credit of all pictures go to Janet and Alan… unfortunately I was nowhere near the above desserts.

23 thoughts on “Meanwhile in Scotland…

  1. Lady G

    Bring it on!!!! Good food and good times!
    You can’t beat that; and who would want to?
    By the way, I had a classmate from South Africa called AJ but he was Athol James! LOL 🙂
    I like your son’s name better!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. neveradullbling Post author

      Hahahaha, thank you Gwin!! And oh yaaa!! When one is on vacation, it needs to be filled with good food and good times!! Throw all caution to the wind and live it up!! That is absolutely my motto!! 😀

      Liked by 1 person


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