18 thoughts on “Rare?

    1. neveradullbling Post author

      We just had to transfer 15 of them to another facility, but we do get volunteer help. And that’s a whole bunch of squirrels PLUS all the other animals we have like birds, bunnies, raptors, raccoons, fawns. Two to three people are planted in the baby room and are feeding the squirrels all day long, but they switch out. We couldn’t help so many animals if it weren’t for the volunteers. 🙂

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      1. Lady G

        That’s an awesome picture! You caught the perfect angle 🙂
        Anyway, believe it or not, my nickname in high school was “Squirrel.” I think it was due to my tendency to pose, preen and prance around like one of those little creatures.
        Just a straight up HAM!!!!
        Anyway, good luck managing.


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  2. Tasha

    I never knew there was a a such thing as an albino preying mantis. Maybe it was praying to turn green so that it could blend in with the vegetation cuz it surely sticks out like a sore thumb! 😀

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