Happy Birthday To The Child!

The child, otherwise known as AJ, turned a big 12 this week!  So it’s been a week of 12s and celebrations and good times!


He’s been a “12th man” since the day he was born!




To this day, he still loves to throw rocks into the water.



Officially 12!


Also, speaking of 12s… I have to give a big shout out to Mike at A Little Bit Out of Focus for the screaming great time he got at his marathon this past weekend wearing… you guessed it… bib #12!!  Congratulations Mike!!  You have found the Power of the 12!

On to the music… I had the silly idea to post AJ’s 5 favorite songs for Motivational Music Monday at 50 in 50 Marathon Quest, but once he gave me his list… ummmm… no.  Sorry child.  Ain’t no one got time for that noise!

Did you all know my boy, Michael Bublé, has a new album being released this week?!!  Oh yeah. So in honor of that little gem, I’m sharing with you his first single from said album!  Hope you enjoy just as much as I do!  It’s a snappy little ditty that features Black Thought from The Roots! (And there you go, AJ… a little rap for you anyway, hehe)

Are we having fun yet??!!  What song is making you happy this week?  Go let James know at 50 in 50!!

56 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To The Child!

    1. neveradullbling Post author

      Thanks Susan! I know… MB and rap!! But it works!!

      AJ had Yeah by Usher (a great song, I really like it), Panda by Desiigner, Rap God by Eminem, and two by a the you tuber JT Machinima, Doom Rap and ACS Rap. Not my cup o’ tea, lol!


      1. Susan Leighton

        Okay, Panda…..I love the fact that the Panda is wearing a huge gold chain on the album. That struck me as funny. I do like Eminem. I am guilty of listening to Kanye, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Gucci Mane in the past. But rap isn’t my favorite genre. God help me but I do love EDM much to my husband’s dismay!

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      2. neveradullbling Post author

        Lol! I’ll admit that some of AJ’s music has rubbed off on us! But some of it is just annoying noise! I can imagine our parents feeling the same way about some of our 80’s classics that we love!! 😀

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  1. T. Wayne

    Happy 12th birthday AJ! I wasn’t sure that I’ve heard this before, but I have…although without Black Thought’s rap verse. Thanks for sharing!

    Would love to have seen what AJ’s top 5 were…

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    1. neveradullbling Post author

      Thanks T! AJ’s top 5 aren’t actually that bad… I’ll list them for you:
      Usher – Yeah (I really like this song)
      Desiigner – Panda
      Eminem – Rap God
      JT Machinima – ACS Rap “Your Time To Die”
      JT Machinima – Doom Rap.
      I think the last two are from a you tuber that he watches regularly… but oh, sometimes, such noise, lol! I think I’m showing my age!! 😀

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      1. T. Wayne

        Did I say too? Oh man… that sentence should have ended at old. Now I have disrespected the fine host of this here blog… I may be banished! And it’s such a cool place to hang out too…

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