MMM is Back!

With the all the cold weather and busyness of the season, it appears that I’m suffering a bit from writer’s block.  My mind has gone completely blank when it comes to writing pretty much anything, including emails, but hopefully it’s just a short-term condition.

However, it seems that James is working on getting past his bout of writer’s block.  He’s just recently posted an update and even a Motivational Music Monday song over at 50 in 50 Marathon Quest.  Okay… well… as it’s the week before Christmas, it’s actually a Christmas song, but still, he’s getting revved and ready for the New Year.

And you know me… I tend to follow suit with MMM.  As we just watched the fabulous TV special put on by Michael Bublé, I have a need to hear some caroling/serenading from the great MB! First up is a song from his album, Christmas, a classic performed by him and The Puppini Sisters (who sound quite a bit like The Andrews Sisters):

But I can’t stop there!  My favorite song from the Christmas album is actually MB’s version of Santa Baby (Santa Buddy).  Love the way he adjusts the words just a smidge (Santa Buddy, fill my stocking with Canucks tix, for kicks…):

I hope everyone is enjoying a very happy holiday season!

By the way, I was informed by my husband earlier, “You better hurry up and get things done today!  It’s the shortest day of the year you know…”  (Take a minute to process that… I’ll wait.)


Happy Winter Solstice!  


31 thoughts on “MMM is Back!

  1. mawil1

    Yay! Shortest day is behind us! Only 8-12 weeks and it will be daylight running again yay yay yay! Oh and there’s Christmas too! Wishing you all a lovely Christmas 😘😘😘

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  2. Chocolaterunsjudy

    The good thing about the shortest day of the year is that they only get longer from here on out! But it’s snowing. Again. I really can pick the winters to train through, no, of course I couldn’t do it last year when we had almost no snow.

    I’ll just be dreaming about NOLA (and wearing Yaktrax, no doubt).

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    1. neveradullbling Post author

      I’m looking forward to more daylight, I have to admit! This year I refused to sign up for a race where I would have to train through the holidays and the cold winter, and I think I made a good choice! It’s been nothing but ice out there this year!
      Happy Hanukkah Judy! Are you ready for it? ;D

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      1. Chocolaterunsjudy

        Hannukah is not a big deal like Christmas. Although I really do need to check if I still have candles . . .

        I’m usually training in the winter, but not seriously til about March, when sometimes it lets up. Only this year I signed up for a half in March.

        Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

        I hope you have a great holiday, Paula — you deserve it!


  3. 50in50marathonquest

    Haha, great post…I think you’re unblocked! Never noticed the Canucks tix drop, that would be our Vancouver Canucks right eh?!!! They play in seahawks colors so they must be alright! Ok, I’m rambling must be all that extra time I have on my hands today 🙂 hugs!!

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    1. neveradullbling Post author

      Yes, that would be our Vancouver Canucks, believe it or not! Yeah, maybe they’re not that bad color-wise, but I’m just going to have to draw the line at hockey, hehe! You have extra time today? Hmmmm, they must not be keeping you busy enough… lol! ;D

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    1. neveradullbling Post author

      Lol, noooo, winter solstice has the shortest daylight hours… but every day has 24 hours regardless of the sunrise and sunset… and James was joking as if there were like only 8 hours to get things done as opposed to 24, :D. Our sense of humor, what can I say, 😉 . One year we’re thinking of completing the summer solstice run in Alaska which starts at midnight and doesn’t get dark. Cool, eh?!

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