So Much Love!

Ya’all are simply amazing!  Love is all over Word Press today for Valentine’s Day!  Songs, poems, letters, recipes, stories… such a positive atmosphere!


I’m especially enjoying all the music!  I follow quite a few blogs who love their music just as much as I, and a few songs have popped up over the past few days that I haven’t heard or have forgotten about. If you are a music lover, go check out some of these blogs:

All these blogs offer more than just music, and if I’ve left anyone out, I apologize.  Sometimes my Reader and my email trip me up.

So to all my fellow music lovers, not only is this my choice for MMM this week, this is also for you…

Happy Valentine’s Day!


26 thoughts on “So Much Love!

    1. neveradullbling Post author

      Thank you Antonia! And you too! I did make that pie!! And they loved it! I hope to post a picture on a post soon! Not quite yours, but hey, it was edible (which a lot of things I cook aren’t) lol!!


  1. Lady G

    Girl, I am late to the party once again but you know to charge it to my head and NOT to my heart! Thank you so much for the shout out! There’s nothing like blogger love!
    I hope you had a magnificent Valentines day my love!

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