Marine Corps Marathon… I’m In! Oorah!!

I think the title pretty much says it all.  I put in for the Marine Corps Marathon lottery, and I got drawn!  Oorah!  Looks like I’ll be running my very first 26.2 in October!!

And guess what?!!  The Motivator is going to pace me the entire time.  I am probably “one and done” with this marathon (but never say never), and this may very well be the only time I’ll have a chance to qualify for Boston.  Sooo, if I can hang with James the entire time, I’m a guaranteed “in” for Boston as my qualifying time is… dunh duh dunhhh… 4:00.  If he can bring me in at 3:55:00, I’m a shoe in.  (Well, I can dream, can’t I?!)

Shit just got real…

May the Good Lord have mercy on my soul!

For MMM, I choose this:

You got me begging you for mercy
Why won’t you release me?
You got me begging you for mercy
Why won’t you release me?
I said release me

‘Nuff said…


45 thoughts on “Marine Corps Marathon… I’m In! Oorah!!

  1. Janet wilson

    OMG Paula wow congrats if thats the right word. Now for the tough part the training – good luck girl and I must say you are one brave person. Jx

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  2. Dippy-Dotty Girl

    Ooh that is something. I have never run marathons but I can lay my bets safely on the fact that I would be terrible at them. All the best for yours. Hope you have a safe training and rock it on the day itself 🙂

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