Just Another Day

Baby season is in full swing at the rescue and rehab center.  Things are kicking off a bit late this year because of our cold winter and cold spring.  But the cold ain’t gonna stop Mother Nature now, is it!  We currently have abandoned baby squirrels, abandoned baby bunnies, baby opossums who’ve lost their mom, even 2 little owlets being raised by our resident foster owl mama… and I just received my very first fawn call of the season today.  (“There is a fawn sitting in my yard that has been abandoned.” “No, it hasn’t been abandoned.  Please leave it alone.”)

That being said, I also received a call today that sent my blood pressure to stroke level.  If I could’ve gone through the phone to slap some sense into this a-hole, I would have:

HIM:  My dogs were in a fight with a raccoon a couple of days ago and they chased it up a tree. It’s been up there for 2 days and I would like it removed before it dies.

ME:  The raccoon is in the tree because he’s afraid of your dogs.  Where are the dogs now?

HIM:  Barking at the raccoon in the tree.

ME:  Can you place the dogs in their kennel?

HIM:  The kennel is right underneath the tree.  Should I put them in there?

ME:  No.  Can you bring the dogs inside for a few hours?

HIM:  No.  They’re outside dogs.

ME:  Can you put them in the garage to give this raccoon a chance to come down out of the tree?

HIM:  No.  I’m not willing to do that.

I had to put him on hold after that answer.

“No.  I’m not willing to do that.”  

Are you f’n kidding me?!  I was so not prepared for that response.  You can’t lock up your dogs?? To let another living being, one of God’s creatures, who is scared to death, come down out of a tree and have a chance at survival?? Then why the f*** did you call me?!!  Do you really think I’m going to track all the way out to your drug-infested meth-lab ‘home’ and remove a raccoon from a tree when you won’t even put your hell hounds up?? 

I was now done with this phone call.  I had to pass it off to my director as the veins in my head were frantically pulsating.

The director then proceeded to calmly explain the risk of diseases that a dead raccoon would pass onto his beloved outside dogs who were never allowed inside, if he didn’t remove his dogs from the area to let the raccoon down.

Alas… we will never know what happened to this poor raccoon, whether the above idiot decided to put his dogs up for a couple of hours or not.

I guess I’ll chalk it all up to another “day in the life of…”

Baby season is upon us.  Time for me to step up my game and get ahead of all that’s about to come…



31 thoughts on “Just Another Day

  1. Chocolaterunsjudy

    Oh wow, I wouldn’t have known what to say either.

    It really bothers me that people just leave their dogs outside unattended AND that they don’t seem to think that walking their dogs (and picking up after them) is part of dog ownership.

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  2. Anna Cottage

    How can people like that understand, they are brain dead either from booze, drugs or just completely “could not care less” attitude, sometimes I hate this World and so many of the people in it, if only Animals could just run free and morons like him locked up. I think you are fantastic to have kept so calm, good luck with all your wonderful work.

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  3. mawil1

    Sweet animal pics! As for other people, ‘sigh’😳 Yes, one thing that I have learned in dealing with other people is that you have to appeal to their self interest, what’s innit for them. So many don’t give a toss about the greater good, other people or the environment. Like your client. So far as he was concerned the raccoon in the tree was your problem, not his. Only when your director explained why it was his problem did he re think. Hopefully more of the people you deal with actually care about animals! Wishing you better job satisfaction for next week!


    1. neveradullbling Post author

      Thanks Julie. I run into these types of selfish people all the time unfortunately. But for some reason this guy sent me into the stratosphere with anger. I guess that’s what happens when dealing with the general public. 😕


  4. lynne hoareau

    It must be a sad time for you seeing all the abandoned precious animals…I would need to take them all home.
    OMW !!! I was immediately enraged when I read about that owner! My fingers could not stop on my keyboard, but then I deleted my anger!
    Paula, how frustrating !!!! I really hope that raccoon came down and was free from that traumatic experience!!!
    What he did, what he allowed was absolute cruelty to animals…pity he could not be locked up.

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    1. neveradullbling Post author

      Thank you, Lynne, for understanding my frustration. He was a right bastard with his arrogance, and I would have loved to send some enforcement agents out to his property. But we’re hoping he wanted to protect his dogs enough that he ultimately did the right thing. And I agree with you… what he did was so very cruel, and I also feel so bad for his dogs, that they got such a bad piece of work for an owner. It’s hard to stand by helpless.
      And the baby thing, while sad in its own right, I’m extremely thankful to the people who take the time to bring them to us so they have half a chance at a life.
      Again, thank you for understanding my pain, xx

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  5. Tasha

    I was almost in tears laughing at your commentary. You are certainly passionate about your lil creatures but when you called his home a “drug infested meth lab” i couldn’t help but holler. I sure hope the poor thing is OK…for YOUR sake!

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    1. neveradullbling Post author

      Lmao! But think about it!! Those are some badass dogs who he doesn’t want to put up… a German Shepherd and a Siberian Husky. Now just how unsocial are they that they can’t come into the house for a little bit? And why do you want unsocial dogs? Because you’re a freaking drug dealer! 😀 See, just simple deduction, hehe.

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    1. neveradullbling Post author

      Totally in agreement with you. There are some that really care about the well being of animals and then there are idiots like this who don’t believe animals have souls. And I truly believe those people have a special hell waiting just for them.

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