We Have Arrived…

… in Reno, that is.  I probably mentioned it like once a long time ago, but we are here for the Reno 5000 Series Downtown River Run.  I may have even possibly mentioned (or not) that both James and I have dropped down in our categories… him to the half, me to the 10K… this won’t count towards our 50-state goal for either of us.  James wants a PR this spring, so we’re holding out for a race closer to home… the North Olympic Discovery Marathon and Half in Port Angeles; one that is at sea level as opposed to 4800 feet.  (Reno is in the mountains… I never knew!) We’ll go to Las Vegas to eventually conquer Nevada, but for now we’re just here to have a good time.

We’re staying at Harrah’s Downtown, right at the start line and super close to the river.  After getting off our little propeller plane (I kid you not) and checking in, we took a lovely walk to see what the downtown had to offer.

I’ll say this… Reno is clean.  The only other downtown that I’ve seen this clean is Tulsa.  But downtown Reno is a happening place.  It’s beautiful, and it’s so refreshing to see people and government officials taking pride in their city (as opposed to Seattle which… never mind, don’t even get me started).

Anyway, the river overfloweth.  A dam floodgate near Lake Tahoe has been released to allow for melting snow over the next couple of months; therefore, the river is flowing high, fast, and furious. Wouldn’t want to be on it, but it is a beautiful sight:

#spottedthebird!  He was patient and posed nicely for me until I was done taking his picture. I’m out of my element, so I don’t have a clue what he is… where is my Sibley bird-watching book when I need it (and if any of you actually know what that book is, you’re my new BFF)!

As for news from the home front… the child is leaving Sunday on his first trip without Mom or Dad. He’s going with a friend to Maui for the next 2 weeks. I think I forgot to tell him he’s not allowed to grow up.

Now I’m off to go explore Reno and the raging river some more.  After two leg cramps in the middle of the night last night from being poorly hydrated, I’m sucking down the Nuun and water, and need to stretch out the tightness.  I logged 4 miles yesterday… we’ll aim for another 4 today, then the race tomorrow.  Should be a great time!

#spottedthehusband 🙂


33 thoughts on “We Have Arrived…

  1. Lady G

    Those were some awesome shots of the river and the birdie. And baby, they grow up even though we forbid it! LOL!!! What a handsome young man he is 😉
    Always a pleasure 🙂
    I am all about that huge “BELIEVE!”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. neveradullbling Post author

      Haha, thanks Dorothea! And he’s standing or kneeling on a wall and I’m standing next to him. He’s trying to make himself much taller than me, which these days he actually is… because, you know, he’s all of 12 now. 😜

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Chocolaterunsjudy

    Wow! Lucky AJ! And he towers over you now, huh? Or was he standing on something? Cause you’re not exactly short.

    Looking forward to hearing about your races. It’s always fun to hear about, even if they ended up not being goal races.

    Are you considering Vegas for this year? I’d be surprised considering how close it is to MCM, but you guys are slightly nutty. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. neveradullbling Post author

      Lol, AJ is actually hunched down on a wall, but yes, he’s taller now! 😀
      No, we’re not too anxious to go back to Nevada any time soon, it’s just not our scene, so we’ll probably do Las Vegas in later years, unless James decides he wants to try the downhill Revel race which he’s been looking into, but that starts at 8000 feet, so we’ll see. 😁

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