43 thoughts on “Boogie Break

  1. greg-in-washington

    Well, I had to put new flashlight batteries in my speakers to get them to work to play this “music” of yours so it wasn’t a total loss! The speakers are a bit on the old side. Yes I remember that song but not the guy singing it. This morning I feel more like “I can’t and I won’t. Don’t Look!”

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    1. Paula Post author

      I know! He does falsetto great, doesn’t he! Kind of like Adam Levine, lol! I am so glad your baby enjoyed it! Start her boogieing early, lol. I highly recommend The Wiggles if you don’t know them yet… they may drive you mad, but your baby will love them! 😄

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    1. Paula Post author

      Lol, this is a perfect Wiggles song. I’m going to have to pull out AJs DVD and watch it with him this weekend… such lovely memories. I think you bought the DVD for him. I’ll let you know how horrified he is at having to watch it with me, hahaha!


  2. Lady G

    Hey there gorgeous! I’ve missed chatting with you! I’ve got to catch up! I pray that you and your family are doing well.
    I just accepted a new job and it keeps me really busy. I’m hoping that things will settle down soon so I can write some things and read my favorite bloggers!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

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      1. Chocolaterunsjudy

        Sadly, he died when I was just a teenager. 😦 But I remember he gave us a Leo Sayer record. We never met him (Leo) of course. Oddly enough that uncle’s brother’s (my other uncle) name was also Leo. Never thought about that before!

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