Another Year, Another Birthday

It doesn’t take much to put my family into celebration mode.  We’ll celebrate any little thing.  But this week was a full-on celebration all week long. Okay, kinda sorta.  Okay, not really.  We celebrated one night.  But the spirit was there all week long.

Yes, another birthday has come and gone for me.  Cheers to my Squad Runner teammate who told me if I ran a kilometer for every year I was alive, I would complete a half marathon.  A half marathon is just over 21K… so yeah, I couldn’t help but smile… or in reality, laugh out loud.

Jamesy surprised me with a few goodies… especially the Momentum Jewelry.  Do you all see it and get it?  “I can and I will” is the tag line for my blog!  And the “Be Awesome Today,” well that’s because I’m awesome every day, isn’t it!  (Ha! Someone is sure full of herself right now, lol.)

He also got me some new shoes!!  We all need new shoes, don’t we!!  The more, the better I say!  Twenty years ago, my closet was filled with high heels and sandals… now it’s overrun with running shoes.  My how times and priorities change.

And meet Riku, a gift from my son. Riku is a character from my favorite video game, Kingdom Hearts.  Everyone in this family loves the Funko figures; AJ has the most by far, but James is closing in on him for a very close 2nd. Me, I’m at the back of the pack with just this one (see what I did there?  Running reference, lol).

And with that, my friends, it has been a very good week.  And even after a night of karaoking, I still managed to get 4 miles in today, with the goal of a 10K tomorrow.  So, yeah… a really good week.

Happy trails!


64 thoughts on “Another Year, Another Birthday

  1. CJ

    OH MY!!!! HAPPY HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY!!!!! What AWESOME gifts! Hope you had the best day and wishing you are the love, health and happiness for the year ahead XXX oh and AMAZING RUNS!!!! xxx

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    1. Paula Post author

      Thanks Darlene!! Sadly my 10K didn’t happen. I woke up sick… dizzy and weak. Crappy end to a good weekend, lol. Ahh well. This too shall pass. 😀


  2. runningtotravel

    I see you have quite a few birthday wishes from around the world, so I’ll throw mine out from North Carolina- Happy Birthday! I’m glad to hear you had a great birthday. All birthdays should be birthday weeks, IMO.

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  3. Chocolaterunsjudy

    Happy birthday! Those are awesome gifts — how nice to be married to a runner.At least he gets it. I could tell my husband what to get & he probably still wouldn’t get it, not because he doesn’t want to please me, but because he doesn’t quite get it.



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