Eugene Marathon 2014

Eugene Half-Marathon 2014

Eugene Half-Marathon 2014

The Motivator ran the full and I ran the half.  We finished at about the same time, 🙂

This was one of the hardest races I did in 2014.  My calf cramped in mile 1 (didn’t warm up properly) and I developed blisters in mile 5.  My shoes were past the sell-by date, too many miles, and (a big no-no) I was wearing brand new socks.  My toes blistered so badly that one of my toenails lifted right off the nailbed and came off with the blistered skin.  It has since grown back, so no harm, no foul.

Eugene - Great Swag!

Eugene – Great Swag!


Both of us were hurtin’ for certain, but that overwhelming sense of accomplishment had us smiling!

Time to drink away the pain!

Time to drink away the pain!

James aka The Motivator

James aka The Motivator

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