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Motivational Music Monday — Lovergirl

It’s time for Jamesy’s MMM linkup at 50 in 50 Marathon Quest, calling forth for all motivational or not-so-motivational music to be posted for those of us in need of some new or different types of sound.  Go visit his site and post a rockin’ good (or bad) song in the comments!

I’m not particularly in the mood to follow suit with what he’s posted, so I’m going completely different.  I’m hittin’ up the good old Eighties!  What a great era for music!  Back then, we all liked to bang our head and rock out, even the girls.  Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Miss Teena Marie and Lovergirl, an oldie but always a goodie.

(Feel free to click the extra links above… you might find bonus music…)  Hope your week is nothing less than wonderful!

Bang Bang

Yes indeedy!  It’s time for Motivational Music Monday from James over at 50 in 50 Marathon Quest. Everyone is encouraged to play, so please head on over to his site (even if it’s not Monday no mo’) and tell him a song that makes you happy!

In case you missed it, we just completed the RNR Seattle Half Marathon (well, James completed the full).  They played some great wake-up music at the start line, stuff that made you want to get up and shake what your mama gave you!  This was one of those songs!  I also had this on my playlist, and when it finally came on somewhere down the road, it helped me to get one of my best splits of the race, plantar fasciitis pain and all.

  • Today is also #MoveItMonday!!  What will you be doing to get up and get your blood flowing?!
  • Have a great one!!


My Ding-A-Ling

Yes indeedy!  It’s time for Motivational Music Monday from Jamesy over at 50 in 50 Marathon Quest. Everyone is free to play, so please head on over to his site (even if it’s not Monday no mo’) and tell him a song that makes you happy.  (You should go check it out anyway… he got new running shoes and I photo-bombed his picture… but he paid me back because he bloody well posted it!) :O

Anyway, James posted a song that was originally recorded in 1972, which was then re-mixed last year to include the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.  It’s really cool to put headphones on and listen to it.  So, as the original recording took place in 1972, the song I’ve chosen is the one song that kept it out of the #1 spot for a week way back when.  Yes, believe it or not, My Ding-A-Ling was #1 on the U.S. charts in 1972, as well as in the UK, Ireland, and Canada.  And yes, believe it or not, this song really IS on one or two of my running playlists.

FYI, this was the only #1 song for Chuck Berry.

Chuck Berry, My Ding-A-Ling

In other news… on Sunday, I met up with Judy from Chocolate Runs Judy.  She was visiting the Seattle area for the weekend, so we went and snatched her up and took her to lunch and to the mall!  It was pouring of rain that day, so there wasn’t much else we could do (and stay dry), but we had great fun!  What a wonderful person she is… I felt like we were long lost friends!  #lifeisgreat #bloggersunite


Hope you’ve had a wonderful Monday and were able to start the week off with a smile!

16 years… and counting…

Today is mine and James’s 16th wedding anniversary!!  Yay!!  #FlashbackFriday!!


In 1999, before we were engaged.


Our engagement picture.

It was 105 degrees F on our wedding day in Tucson, Arizona. I don’t know how everyone managed to wear those jackets!



We’ve come a long way baby!!  Happy Anniversary to Jamesy at 50 in 50 Marathon Quest!!



Spirit Training


Sad to say, I’ve been a bit lacking in my positive thinking this past week.  With 6 days until Salt Lake City, I just can’t afford the negativity… but hey, it happens to all of us every now and again. I started doubting myself and what I was actually capable of accomplishing, and that took me down a very dark path.

It all began with the knee injury at Lake Sammamish.  I rested a solid two weeks in hopes that my knee pain would subside, and it did, especially once we figured out what was causing it.  But that left me only 3 weeks to come up to par for SLC.  Now mind you… I’ve been training steady since last July, so I didn’t think a 2-week break would do any harm.  That is, until I actually went on my first run after that little break…


Still, I wasn’t thinking much about it because I was actually running “gentle,” trying to baby my knee and work it in slowly.  I didn’t know how my knee was going to react until that first long-run Sunday when I gave it a good stretch.  It held up fine… my legs, however, were not so fine. They were feeling a touch fatigued.  Okay, more than a touch… they were resisting everything in regards to running after the first mile.  And I had the most horrible leg pain at night… twitching, aching… all kinds of stuff going on.  One Sunday night, after laying there for 3 to 4 hours twitching and aching, I finally got up at 1 a.m. to take some ibuprofen and magnesium which I had forgotten to take earlier.  My compression sleeves weren’t even helping me.


And every run thereafter was more of the same.  My legs were tired and I felt as if I had never run a mile in my life.  It didn’t stop me from plowing on, but it was causing me some great concern.  So much so that I was even contemplating dropping back in SLC to run the 5K as opposed to the half.  Jamesy and I discussed some of my concerns, and he felt for my last longish run, I should go out, slow it down just a bit, and then maybe make the decision based on how that run went.


I ran loops around the fields today. This was my friend who cheered me on every time I passed him.

Well, I completed that run today (6 miles).  The best news is I didn’t feel an ounce of fatigue in my legs, they felt normal, and they weren’t achy.  Score!  That brought the spirits up tremendously!  And based on that fact, I came home and announced that I would, indeed, be running the half.  I’ve never been concerned about my pace or being too slow in the past, and I ain’t gonna start today!


I would also like to thank Jackie from A Cooking Pot and Twisted Tales for composing the most perfect positive motivation saying which came when I needed to hear it most.  You can read it here.  “Don’t let your dreams die…”  Nope.  I won’t.

With my little personal crisis being over, onward I go.  Five more days until my normal freak-out post.  In the meantime, please enjoy this little ditty for Jamesy’s Motivational Music Monday. This is Song 2 by Blur, otherwise known as the “Woo Hoo Song.”  And just for future reference, when I comment with a “Woo Hoo,” this is exactly how I mean it!!

Have a great week!!  See you in Salt Lake City!!  Woo Hoo!!

More This and That


It’s Sunday night and I’m sitting here craving a chocolate moon pie (;D).  Does anybody else like them, or is it just me?  In my younger years, I would stay with my grandmother during the summer in Bountiful, Utah, hang out at the pool, and after every swim session, I ate a chocolate moon pie. Maybe I just need to go swimming.  Or maybe the weather has been so nice here in the Pacific Northwest that it makes me think of summertime.  But the real answer is probably because I just read a post that mentioned them.


Speaking of weather, it really has been gorgeous.  Today was 70 degrees and sunny.  That is indeed summer weather… for these parts anyway.  And I completed my long run right in the peak of it.  But funny enough, never once did I feel overheated.  Okay, well, I took a break after mile 5, ran back by the house, cooled myself down with a wet paper towel and got some ice water, but still, it wasn’t horrible to be out running in the middle of the day.


James and I hit up the REI sale yesterday (it’s a sports store), and he bought me a sweet little FitBit (he got himself the Garmin 235 watch and a Nathan Fireball Race Vest, so he didn’t go without).   Just a new fun little toy with more charts, graphs, and apps!


As you can see from above, I was loaded for bear when I went for my run today.  I had my Garmin Vivoactive to track and map my run, my FitBit to track every movement that I made including the steps, and my magnetic bracelet for balance that I don’t go on a run without.  Overkill? Haha, perhaps… but when you’re a numbers and stats geek, which a lot of runners are, then it’s “the more the merrier.”


We also picked up a couple of Maple Bacon flavored GU gels from REI.  Fantastic!  Have you tried this flavor yet?  I had mine at about mile 5 when I was a touch hungry.  I found that after I ate some of the gel then licked my lips, I had added salt flavor!  Just like real bacon!  (I know some you may be quite grossed out by this… sorry!  #runnerslife)


And above was my final long run before Salt Lake City on April 16.  See how I did that in the picture?  Map from the Garmin, stats from the FitBit.  There’s something appealing about seeing 22,000 as opposed to 10 (size matters?).  Calories burned were over 2000… I totally have room in my diet today for a moon pie.


It’s almost Monday already so it’s time for Jamesy’s Motivational Music Monday!  His particular choice this week has prompted me to post this one… an oldie but a goodie!  It still puts a spring in my step! I find it kind of funny that a lot of videos don’t match the meaning of the song whatsoever… ever notice that?!

Hope you have a wonderful week!  The rain returns tomorrow for us, but I am so very thankful for the beautiful sunshine we have had just recently!!



Sunday Run Day

Sunday is the designated long-run day in our household as Saturday we’re usually feeling a bit jaded from the Friday night happy hour we celebrate on a weekly basis.  Okay, just joking about the feeling jaded part.  We have other schtuff to do on Saturday, so it works out best that we run long on Sunday.  And as today was Sunday, yes, it was long-run day!  But I’ll get to that in a bit…

Last Sunday was my first long-ish run since having knee pain during the Lake Sammamish Half Marathon.  I was so happy to finally hit the trail to test the waters.  But then I came upon this:


This burning pile of trash was about 100 feet from the trail.  Yes, I climbed an embankment and possibly trespassed in order to get this picture, but are you freaking kidding me?!  There was an area so thick with smoke on the trail, I had to breathe through my shirt.  And when you’ve been running, that’s not pleasant!  However, burning trash is apparently legal.  Can’t smoke a cigarette in a public park, but by damn, get that heaping pile of trash burning so all the health nuts on the trail who want a breath of fresh air can’t get any!  I wasn’t impressed.  And the City of Lake Stevens didn’t care.  Whatever.  Okay, rant over.  Sorry.  Just had to.

Anyway, last week’s run was pain-free, so I’m back in the running business.  James and I think we may have figured out what was causing my knee pain… I like to sit with my feet and legs tucked up underneath me.  Sometimes it tweaks the position of the knee, hence, knee pain. I’ve had to force myself to sit properly and it’s not been easy to attempt to break that life-long habit.


The skunk lilies are starting to bloom on the trail.  Just wait until they get full size… I’ll do a comparison side-by-side.  They’re beautiful, BUT, everything now completely smells like their namesake.  Things that make you go hmmm….


Probably TMI, but the above was only 5 days’ worth of running gear; I got behind on laundry, sue me.  I’ve explained to James that he no longer is allowed to double up his layers no matter how cold it is, and if he decides to do a bike ride and run all in the same day, he has to wear the same cycling shorts and cycling shirt to run in.  (Haha… you’ll probably only understand how funny that is if you know one or are an avid cyclist.)  😀


Apparently the Easter Bunny visited our house last night and brought me an Easter basket.  And by me, I really mean AJ.  Mind you, I’ve helped him out quite a bit with those jelly beans and robin’s eggs.  He devoured the Peeps first and foremost… yep, that’s my boy, no mistake about it.  (Yes Peeps are gross!  They’re supposed to be gross!  But they’re a tradition, and you just don’t mess with tradition!)


This gorgeous guy was seen on my run today at the soccer fields.  Oh Hey!  Why’d the chicken cross the road?  To attack me, of course!  Okay, kidding… first of all, it’s a rooster.  Second of all, it was raining and all the worms were out… so he was just getting his protein for the day.


Weird weather day today.  I wanted to get up at the crack of dawn and get my run out of the way so I could have my mandatory body shutdown for an hour then get on with it.  But ’twas not to be.  I kept waiting and waiting and waiting for the downpour to stop.  Finally at about noon (3 hours after my originally planned departure time), the heavens took a break and I headed out.  I went to the soccer fields to run laps because a thunderstorm was predicted and I needed to be able to have a quick getaway plan… I don’t do thunder and lightning.

20160327_145021.jpgRound and round I went… through sun, light rain, hard rain, and even hail.  I was super happy to have restroom facilities right there… I made use of them no less than 3 times.  It was also nice having my car right there… it had all my water and towels and GU and what-not stashed away.  Handy dandy.  Jamesy was running his 20 miler today, and he met up with me and ran about 20 laps or so (one loses track when one is running around in circles).  I had all his extra gear in the car as well.  It was a great setup!





Tragedy ensued smack dab in the middle of my run.  I got a call from a hysterical AJ… Sheba and Meeps were fighting and killing each other (no worries… I paused my watch). Home I drove… (thank heavens I was at an actual location that I could drive home and wasn’t 10 miles deep into the trail…) and then I separated the two cats.  No harm, no foul, although tonight, Sheba is nowhere to be found.

Back I went to resume my run and my built-in aid station for James and I.  He was still going round and round.  Finally, finally, finally we were nearing the end of our long runs.  He still had 5 miles to go.  I called it a day at some point.


I felt the bunny ears were appropriate for today.  That’s me above finishing up my last half mile. (Next week’s run will be further… should I do 11, or should I do 12?  Hmmmm…)

Salt Lake City Half-Marathon in 20 days.  Good gawd I’m going to hurt after this next half.  But a song came on during my run today that reminded me what I’m all about…

2 Legit 2 Quit…  which would also be my selection for Jamesy’s Motivational Music Monday this week.  Go check out his pick for the week and even add your own.  We all need to pump up our playlists… 10 to 20 miles is a long way to run without something kicking your ass into gear.

On that note, Happy Easter!  Hope you have a fabulous week!


Motivational Music Monday — Walk!

It’s time for Jamesy’s MMM linkup at 50 in 50 Marathon Quest, calling forth for all motivational or not-so-motivational music to be posted for those of us in need of some new or different types of sound.  Go visit his site and post a rockin’ good (or bad) song in the comments!

He’s crunching a bit this week (courtesy of our son… seriously, go check it out), so I thought maybe I’d follow suit.

Many many moons ago, back when AJ was a baby, James and I would watch Metal Mania on VH1 and kind of play a little game to it (AJ was a baby, so he slept through all that noise).  Anyway, we’d guess what was up next, rate the songs on a scale, make bets, and so on and so forth… you know, stuff that every normal set of new parents do when their baby is sleeping.

I’m a Michael Buble type of girl, so heavy metal was not my thing.  I really only watched it for all the great hair bands from the ’80s.  I’d become disgusted when Pantera, Type O Negative, Motorhead, Megadeth, Metallica, etc., would come on… I hated the crunch, and the noise, and the complete lack of music that made these artists millions of dollars.

Fast forward 10 years… most of these artists are now on at least one of my many playlists in some form or another.  One of my… favorites… has been Walk by Pantera.  I’m sure there’s some deep, dark, hidden meaning behind this song that I have yet to figure out… all I know is that I like to play it while I’m attemping Mo Fo Hill… it actually pumps me up and gets the blood moving.

So, without further adieu, I present Walk…  enjoy!  😛

Did you ever watch the classics on VH1?  Do you have a favorite song from the “classic” era? One of my favorites was Unskinny Bop by Poison… Bret Michaels had THE most gorgeous lipstick! 

Happy Full Moon Monday

Sunday I had my “long” run.  There was so much going on in my brain while I was running… great thoughts for my weekly update, random silliness, and so on and so forth, but when I finally sat down to write it all out, I drew completely blank.  The only explanation I can come up with is because that’s pretty how much last week went for me… the sooner forgotten the better!

Not that anything majorly bad happened… I’m healthy, no injuries, I have a job and a home, and I have a wonderful family (blessings counted every single day).  However, I was tired.  Like crawl into bed and sleep for 2 days tired.  Is it because my mileage is peaking as Lake Sammamish is only 2 weeks away?  Have I not eaten enough hamburgers recently?  Maybe not enough chocolate?  Perhaps it’s the effects of the impending full moon…

Anyway, for whatever reason, I did not have a good week.  But I won’t dwell on the negative… only the positive, so I’ll see if I can highlight something happy…

Oh, wait, I’ve got it…

  •  One happy thing that happened to me last week… I won $11 in the lottery!  I can now say “I’ve won the lottery,” because I won more than I spent.  Yay!  Happy-happy-joy-joy!  (yeah, stretching it, I know)
  • Also, I have streaked for 53 days now, a total of 121 miles, and last week I ran a total of 17 miles, so that’s a positive, although my long run on Sunday didn’t quite go as planned.  I got up at 7, with plans to be out of the house by 9.  However, I lolligagged around and didn’t leave until 11.  By then the energy I got from my peanut-butter bagel had diminished, I was feeling lazy, and I was super tight when I hit the trail.  I took my GoPro out to record my run, but I only got about 20 minutes of footage as my memory thingamabob stick was full, so that didn’t work out.  And then it started raining and hailing on me… I swear it felt like it was going to snow.  No, it didn’t snow, only a downpour of rain, but I had to call it after 5 miles.  I just wasn’t feeling it.  Best to have a bad run before the race then on race day.  We’ll chalk it up to that and just aim for better next time.  I’ll go ahead and get a 10 or 11 miler in this coming weekend and I should be good to go for the race.  (wait… I’m supposed to focus on the positive, aren’t I…)
  • James decided we needed to do an ultra event… Hamster Endurance Run in August.  I get to thank Rebecca from Travel, Running, and a Little Bit of Style for putting that little seed into Jamesy’s head.  She signed up to do one, James read about it, thought it was super cool, and voila!  We will now be doing one (it’s okay Rebecca, really, it’s okay, ;D).  As this is our first endurance run, we’re choosing the 6-hour option… a chance for James to get his 50K sticker and for me to run past my half-marathon distance.  He has it all figured out for me… all I have to do is circle the course 10 times plus an additional 0.2 miles and I will have completed my first marathon distance (rrrrright).  Regardless, it looks like a fun event, lots of social opportunities (eat, drink, and be merry) and we’re looking forward to the challenge.
  • We decided that not only are we going to go see Adele this summer, but we are also going to snag tickets to see Howard Jones, OMD, and Barenaked Ladies on July 16.  Back in the Eighties, I had 3 groups/musicians that I loved… Tears For Fears, Wham!, and Howard Jones. So this is kind of exciting for me to actually get to see him perform after all these years!  I wonder if he’s as “out there” at 60 as he was 30 years ago!
  • While it rained every day last week, the sun still came out every single day.

Huh!  Go figure!  I guess last week wasn’t such a bad week after all!  I guess when you start writing out the positives, the negatives quickly go by the wayside.  Lesson learned!

thumbs up

James has a new thing he’s doing on his blog every Monday.  If you’re a music lover, go check it out!  Motivational Music Monday!  Post some songs that inspire you and get you to move, or songs that just make you happy (or sad if that’s the way you roll)!

And as it IS Motivational Monday, I will leave you with a thought:


… and I am that river…

Have a great week!

Anything you’re looking forward to this coming summer?  Race?  Concert?  Major life-changing event?


50 in 50 Marathon Quest’s View on MOM

I’d like to start by saying thank you so very much for the encouragement and the kudos for this most recent race!  Your wonderful support really does carry me through all of the madness… from the first step of the training cycle right on through to the finish line.  I’m extremely grateful and appreciative for you!  I’ve made some great blogging friends, and I feel truly blessed.20160118_103842.jpg

Jamesy wrote a fun article detailing the Maui Oceanfront Marathon.  I know my “race recap” was brief and to the point… it was hard and it hurt.  But if you’re curious and would like a bit more of a detailed description, go visit his site.  He actually makes the pain sound somewhat humorous!

Speaking of pain, we suffered our worst about 48 hours after the race, per normal.  Neither of us could walk very well, which called for a great relaxing day hanging by the pool!  As of now, my feet have mostly recovered… I’ll lose a few toenails, but hey, it happens.  I’ve realized I need to stay with my Brooks Glycerin shoes for every race from here on out as I don’t have feet problems when I race in them, AND, I need to stay about a full size larger than what I normally wear because, yes, my feet do swell that much (the ones I wore in MOM were only 1/2-size larger).

As for James, his calves are still a bit tight, but he’s gradually getting better.  He has one more week of recovery before he starts his next training cycle, so he should survive as well.

Next race for us will be local… the Lake Sammamish Half-Marathon on March 5th, in 41 days… just enough time to lose all the weight we gained on vacation. 😀

50 in 50 Marathon Quest … Maui Oceanfront Marathon Recap