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It’s the changing of the seasons here, the most beautiful time of the year!



I hope I can be the Autumn Leaf,

Who looked at the sky and lived.

And when it came time to leave,

Gracefully knew life was a gift.


Weekly Wrap

I am joining the Weekly Wrap hosted by HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin. The Weekly Wrap is a blog link-up where bloggers share their active lifestyle and other exciting things weekly.  For more information, see the rules here.


Half-Marathon Training, Week 4

Monday:  The day after the time change, ugh.  I was supposed to cross train, but I’m having a hard time coming around to this part of my training.  The Motivator guarantees it’ll make me stronger and a better runner, but, the day after the time change and a long run?!  I opted out and took a rest day.  🙂

Tuesday:  This was my slow, easy, 3.1-mile run coming off of the 8 miles from Sunday.  I lost GPS signal, and it was bitterly cold.  I know I’ve said it’s not supposed to snow here this year, but boy it felt like it was gearing up to do just that!  My time was okay, not great, and my Nike+ App had an “I felt so-so” face on it, so I’m thinking I was still feeling the effects of the time change.

Wednesday:  I did another 3 miles, aiming for race pace (should’ve been 4).  I was a little bit slower than race pace, BUT, still I was tired.  I’m beginning to think I’m not a fan of this daylight savings thing.  It’s daft.

run harder

Thursday:  Yay!  Another cross train day!!  I took a nap!!

Friday:  I was finally starting to feel my normal self again, and I had my hill training planned for today.  I was praying for rain!  <sigh> I didn’t get the rain I wanted, so I sucked it up and went to meet my nemesis.  I warmed up for just over a mile first thing, reached the base of MoFo Hill, looked up, and had a panic attack.  Okay, not really… I gave it my all.  I really did. I was feeling my normal energy, but MoFo got me after 1-1/2 times.  I consider it a success because Jamesy usually only does it 4 or 5 times, so 1-1/2 times is not too shabby… well, at least for me. Anyway, I’ll enjoy watching myself improve.  Hopefully, hehe.

Saturday:  An official rest day!!  Oh hallelujah!!  Jamesy and I had a new board game we played… Kingdom Builder.  Loved it!  The child downloaded the new Call of Duty on his X-box on Thursday night, so he was nowhere to be seen all weekend long.  No worries though… I threw him scraps of food here and there when he requested it.


Fall! My favorite time of year!


Sunday:  Long run day.  I had 11 miles scheduled.  I was good and ready, despite the rain.  I started with the hilly 3-mile loop around my house so I could stop back home for a quick “aid station,” then hit the trail for an 8-mile out and back.  One of the things I’m working on this training cycle is getting stronger when I hit the big mileage (in case you’re wondering why I’m only in week 4 and at 11 miles already).  I knew I was going to get fatigued near mile 6, so that wasn’t any surprise. But I did cut the run short a mile because it was raining, so I only accomplished 10, and the last 4 miles were tough going.  As well, my ankle joint seized up, a new one for me, and that made the last 2 miles kind of painful.  Gotta tell you though, there is no better feeling than getting in a hot shower after being so cold and wet for so long.  The ankle is fine… I just needed to “pop” it to get it feeling normal again which I wasn’t able to do out on the trail. Finished the night off with a fabulous shrimp and rice dinner, courtesy of my wonderful husband because, after all, he only ran 15 miles.  😉

Did anyone else experience any lethargy while running the previous week courtesy of the evil time change?