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A little bit of this, a little bit of that…

DSC00044Getting back into the swing of things is a little harder to do after a long vacation weekend than I originally anticipated, I’ve come to find.  After all that fabulous Chicago food and pasta, I was looking forward to eating some simple and healthy roast chicken and veggies, but I find myself having to combat those ugly bad carb cravings mid-day that I had control over beforehand (you know… chips, soda, sweets).  It amazes me that 5 days of debauchery can completely undermine months of good behavior!  And then when I give into those cravings, they’re not even satisfying, so go figure.

wpid-20151016_202401.jpgOkay, well, it doesn’t help when you come home from holiday and actually are in the mood to try to cook or to try to bake!  I say “try” because I am not a baker and I am not a chef and I can’t stand to be in the kitchen for any length of time doing anything remotely “kitchen-ish.”  However, when James and I got back from Chicago, that Friday we had a celebratory happy hour in which I decided to bake these wicked Mountain Dew Apple Dumplings.  Talk about a sugar overload, holy cow.  But oh, they were good.


Not to mention the 18th was our son’s 11th birthday, so on Saturday night, I decided to make this:


This is so out of character for me.  I’m not exactly sure that I’ve made one single cake in the 11 years AJ has been on this earth, but something possessed me to attempt this that night (Jamesy is the one who made sure there were plenty of sprinkles on it, not me; he did a great job).  I think the baking inspiration has come from some of my blogging friends who have actually made me want to step outside my comfort zone.  The cake may not be professional grade, but I sure had fun doing it.

However, all calorie-laden creativity aside, I do have my next training plan for Maui in place and have already started it:



I don’t start the killer hill training until next week, but I’m happy to say I’ve nailed my runs so far.  In the middle of the one chart, you’ll see a big 3.1 highlighted… that’s a Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot we’ve signed up for (James will do the 10K).  As well, we’re doing another Turkey Trot race the Saturday before that (after which the next day it looks like I have a 13-miler scheduled in there… oh dear).  Anyway, I already have an 8-miler coming up this weekend, so… here we go again, off and running.

And now it’s time for me to put all the sugar and processed foods to rest and make up our quickie oatmeal breakfasts for the next week:


I start with 1 cup quick cooking oats, then add flax seed, dehydrated fruit (blueberries, craisins, bananas), nuts, cinnamon, salt, brown sugar, store in mason jars, add boiling water (I add a tablespoon of peanut butter for protein when I add my water)… this is a rib-sticking breakfast that won’t allow any type of craving to rear its ugly head and you’ll even question whether or not you’ll want to eat lunch!  But don’t eat it then go running!!  All your energy is being used for digestion for a couple of hours, so you’ll never get through a run without GI issues if you eat this beforehand.

Lastly, I leave you with this thought:

Running is not about being better than someone else, it’s about being better than you used to be.