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Week 5 of 16 Recap — July 31 through August 6

British Columbia is on fire right now… literally… and the smoke has made its way down to Seattle and across Washington state.  God bless all those firefighters and everyone affected. The fires have made air quality very poor here, so training this past week had to be done indoors.  Sunday the wind picked up and started to move some of it out, so we managed a nice long run outdoors.

Monday:  3 miles.

A picture of Meeps… because treadmills are borrring.

Tuesday:  4 miles.  The boys finally came home from their trip to Idaho.  So endeth my girl time.

Wednesday:  Cross train.  (yeah, right… the boys just got home)

Thursday: 4 miles.  Is anyone catching that my mileage is a bit lower than it should be?  I hate the treadmill.  Not a good excuse, but the truth nonetheless.

Friday:  3 miles.  By now I was so sick of the treadmill, I really didn’t care.  Okay… bad attitude. Whatever.

I know of a lady who runs 14 miles on the treadmill every other day… no more, no less… every, other, day.  Never outside.  Treadmill only.  It blows my mind.

Saturday:  Rest day.

Sunday:  12 miles.  This was a great day out.  James and I headed south to Green Lake in Seattle to run laps around the lake.  It was fabulous.

It’s about a 3-mile loop, tons of people, and mostly flat.  Lots and lots of normal potties… a runner’s dream (actually, this runner’s dream).

I love my geese.

Weekly Total:  26 miles/41.84 km

Total Plan Mileage So Far:  114 miles/183.5 km

Bonus Notes!

The lake we were running around, Green Lake, just so happens to be within walking distance to Road Runner Sports, a fabulous store that specializes in running shoes.  My Brooks Glycerin 14’s are kind of past their sell-by date, having carried me through practically every race in 2016 (well, 8 of the 9 races), not to mention I ran my last half-marathon in June in them… so, yeah, well past their sell-by date.

My Brooks Glycerin… the 2nd pair I’ve retired since I started blogging.

Anyway, after we were finished with our runs, we made our way over to the shoe store, and guess what?!  Yes!!  New shoes!!  I have stepped outside my comfort zone of Brooks (tried and true) to the Hoka One One Clifton!  I tried them out on the treadmill at Road Runner and it was like running on air!  I’m absolutely thrilled and can’t wait to hit the trail in them.  Thank you, Donna, for helping me to realize it was time!

Hoka One One Cliftons

76 more days until Marine Corps, may the Good Lord have mercy on my soul.

Have a great week ya’all!

Vibrant: My new PR running shoes!


My new running shoes arrived on my doorstep this afternoon… Brooks Glycerin 13!  I ordered them at the beginning of the week so I would have them in time for my long run this weekend! After melting my feet in Maui, I learned a huge lesson not to stray from the tried and true, and because of that, I believe these are going to give me a new PR at each and every race I run in 2016!  They shall now and forevermore be known as my 2016 PR Shoes!  Woo hoo!  They are, indeed, vibrant!!

A Proper Send-Off…

There is no greater relationship a runner has than with their shoes.

This past Sunday, I had my weekly long run scheduled.  Ten miles was planned, but the weather was brutal.  It was absolutely tipping down, so I decided to cut out a couple of miles and only run 8.  Off I went in my good old Brooks Glycerin 11 running shoes.

By about mile 3.5 to 4, soaking wet from head to toe, I started to get a nagging little twinge in my foot.  Luckily I wasn’t too far from home as I was doing a couple of out and backs on the trail.  After mile 5, I ran on home to put on dry shoes and socks, a dry top, and then headed back out to finish up my last 3 miles, although I was somewhat concerned about what was going on with my foot.

However, once I got back out on the trail, it dawned on me… my good old faithful Brooks were past their mileage.  My feet started feeling much better in the dry pair of shoes I had put on that hadn’t even gone 100 miles yet and I was able to finish my run strong and relatively pain-free. Unfortunately, I realized it was now time for me to retire my beautiful 11’s.

The Brooks Glycerin’s and I go back to 2012 when I got my first pair of running shoes.  I had gone to the local Road Runner Sports store and was properly fitted.  It was determined the Glycerin style was best suited for me, and I’ve been wearing them ever since because, quite frankly, the people in the store were right.  I started with the Glycerin 9’s.  I’ve tried other brands and styles, all to be returned as they just don’t do for me what the Glycerin’s do.  wpid-20151102_210549.jpg

I got this current pair last year before I ran RNR Vancouver in October.  It is now time for me to bid this pair of Glycerin’s adieu.  Thank you, 11’s, for getting me through a year’s worth of races and helping me earn 6 medals.  Time for you to slow down and just walk from here on out… you’ve done your job well, and I am grateful. You will be missed.