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London Marathon

I didn’t tell anyone this, but I put in for the London Marathon lottery last March… along with James… and along with my father-in-law Alan, who lives in the UK… with the drawing to be held in October.  Possibly a fun family event and get together in April, in London, amiright?


Alan at Sandringham

Alan ran the London Marathon in the early 1990s, setting a personal record with a sub-3-hour marathon time.  He was the first to hear from them on Monday… rejected.  If he’s interested, he can still get a bib through his running club, or he can qualify with a sub-5-hour marathon as he is 70 and a citizen of the UK.  Oh… yeah… right… he could also join a charity and start fundraising for £1500 or so.

And by the way… yes… you read that right.  I entered the lottery as well.  For the marathon. Twenty-six point two miles.  26.2.  My first marathon, to be completed in April, after I turn 50. But I got this:


I was rejected.  However, notice the last paragraph… if I use one of their worldwide “tour”companies, I could still obtain a bib… thousands of dollars later.

For the last 3 months, I’ve been receiving emails from London saying stuff like, “we notice you haven’t signed up with a charity yet,” or “guaranteed entry, check out these charities.”  I’m beginning to question the “unweighted” ballot system of the London Marathon.  Looking into it, they probably have 30 to 40 “tour” companies with bibs to offer worldwide, not to mention all these charities still have bibs to offer if you raise money for them.  Every single person who got rejected in the UK got a message saying, “sign up with this charity and still gain entry.”  Are you starting to understand where I’m going with this?

I don’t mind raising money for charity, but I would prefer to choose my own charity.  I work for a nonprofit organization and the only way we survive is by fundraising… so if I’m going to put forth fundraising efforts, it’s going to be for a cause I believe in, not what someone else dictates to me.


Sorry London, you’re just not worth the hassle.

As for me… why yes… I am still entertaining the idea of running my first 26.2 after I turn 50. Now I just have to decide which one…

And as for Alan’s entrance fee that he paid in advance, only to be rejected by the London Marathon… the race kept the money and donated it to charity.


‘Tis The Season


Photo found on Pinterest… how freaking cute is this!

We all want to help our favorite charities this time of year, but sometimes the holidays leave us strapped for extra cash.  There are other ways you can help out…

  1. amazon-smile-logo-newest-01.pngWhen I order something from Amazon, I go to smile.amazon.com.  Exact same site; however, you get to register a charity and 0.5% of your purchase price goes to the charity. This amount adds up, especially if you’re an Amazon shopping addict like The Motivator.
  2. Register at iGive.com.  Click a shopping website through their link, buy something, and again, a portion of your purchase goes to your favorite charity.
  3. GoodSearch.com.  There are dozens of coupon codes here that will save you money on checkout at some popular online stores.  When you use these coupon codes, the website will then donate to your charity.
  4. Credit card points.  Most credit card companies will allow you to donate your points to the charity of your choice.
  5. If you love to walk, jog, wog, run, or bike, download the Charity Miles app from CharityMiles.org.  For every mile you walk or run inside or out, you’ll earn up to 25 cents per mile, and for every mile you bike outdoors, you’ll earn up to 10 cents per mile.  Once you’re done, share your achievement on Facebook or Twitter, and your donation will be delivered! I haven’t actually tried this one yet, but I’m downloading it now and will see what happens on my scheduled long run today.cmlogo.png


Giving and being able to help in any little way is a fulfilling feeling, and everyone wins. Does anyone else have any tips or ideas on how to give during the holiday season or even year round?


Today is the first day of Hanukkah!  Blessings to those who are celebrating!  Happy Hanukkah!