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Grand Teton Relay

My husband is in the process of concocting a crazy scheme with his father… signing all of us up for the Grand Teton Relay in August 2017.

What it is:  A 12-runner team relay starting in Ashton, ID and ending in Jackson Hole, WY… 180 miles of pure fun, running over the Tetons mountain range.

The Tetons
The views you will see are unmatched. The Tetons will follow your team across rolling farm hills, steep mountain roads, and fast running trails. Imagine the stars shining over the Grand, lighting your way. It might make you cry (If you are into that sort of thing).  –taken from grandtetonrelay.com

Each runner will complete three, 4-7 mile legs of the relay.

Why do it:  For the scenery and adventure, of course!  Apparently there have been a few Sasquatch sightings, so hey, why not!!  I’m all for meeting a legend!!

Something for my running friends to think about:  

Who’s interested in crossing the Tetons in 2017??

Leave the kids with grandma, strap on your runners and pack your party wagon! What happens in the Tetons stays in the Tetons (until it shows up on youtube). — grandtetonrelay.com