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Hypoglycemia and The Whole 30

I’ve suffered from hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) my entire life.  I was 6 when I had my first hypoglycemic episode that I can actually remember.  I was at the mall with my mother when all of a sudden, I didn’t have the energy to walk any more.  My mother knew what was happening and we immediately went to a restaurant for a burger.

I have had many episodes throughout my life.  When it happens, I start feeling anxious, then weak and dizzy, then I break out in a sweat and I develop tunnel vision.  When I was pregnant, I had gestational diabetes.  I was closely monitored by my doctors and had to check my blood sugar level 4 times a day.  I was to eat nothing that had more than 3 g of sugar per serving.  The hardest part was I only wanted to eat French toast with strawberries and whipped cream.  Bad and wrong.  Bean tostadas became my staple while I was pregnant as corn tortillas didn’t raise my blood sugar.

During the first few days of The Whole 30, I haven’t had any blood sugar issues.  I’ve paid particularly close attention to how I’ve been feeling so that I don’t get too hungry and run into a crisis, because once your blood sugar drops to 70, all bets are off and out comes the sugar.

If you suffer from hypoglycemia and try this program, do eat at regular intervals and don’t let yourself get too hungry.  The book suggests eating only 3 times a day (albeit more if you’re really hungry).  I have to eat a minimum of 4 times per day, smaller portions, and sometimes I’ll only have a hard-boiled egg just to keep my levels up.  However, with all the protein, goodness, and absence of sugar with this program, I haven’t seen nor felt any potential insulin problems. Score one for the diet!

However, with all that being said, I did have an issue in the middle of my long run on Sunday. After 4 miles, I had to make a detour home because there came a point where I couldn’t even hold my shoulders back as I felt so weak.  After James and I analyzed my food intake, we came to the conclusion that I didn’t fuel properly to sustain a long run.  Spaghetti squash, 2 ounces of chicken, and some olives the night before do not make for a good pre-load dinner, nor did the potato and banana I had for breakfast.  I need to eat way more protein with more complex carbs the night before, and truth be told, I need to eat at least some protein before my long run to power me through.

It’s all “trial and error” and “live and learn.”  I now have raisins to fuel me in the middle of my long runs (yuck), and I will try again next Sunday for better results.  In the meantime, I have an 8-mile run to make up this week during the evening sometime.  The important thing is I didn’t reach for the jelly beans and break my program.

Day-by-Day Whole 30 Playback

Day 1:  Cravings were really strong.  I wanted my tea, my desserts, my oatmeal.  By about 2 p.m., I had a minor stomachache.  I stretched myself out, and after awhile the pain was gone.  Ran 3 miles.  Energy level was good.

Day 2:  Feeling okay.  Cravings are still strong and I’m really missing my oatmeal and peanut butter.  Fought hard against that after-lunch bite of chocolate that I was in the habit of having. The craving eventually subsided.

Day 3:  Friday and usually the day we have happy hour.  Cravings are still there, but are starting to diminish somewhat.  Now I’m just missing chocolate and my peanut butter… so much so the craving has switched to the powdered peanut butter I have in the cupboard.  Here’s the kicker… I’m allergic to peanuts and peanut butter… I’ve just been able to build my immunity up to where I don’t have a reaction anymore (although I have developed a significant reaction to pistachios, so they’re completely off the list).  For happy hour, I went for a run instead and stuck to my water, then finished off the night playing a video game.  If you want things to change, then you have to adjust the routine.  Energy levels are increasing.

Day 4:  OMG, my Saturday morning tea time.  Another hard routine to break.  I didn’t break the morning routine so much as I just made do with iced tea instead of hot tea.  I still spent the entire morning on my computer catching up with everyone.  Made a huge pan of roast veggies for lunch which filled me up nicely.  Haven’t craved chocolate today, but peanut butter craving is still there. Energy level is good… maybe because sometimes I spike my water with a little iced tea.  It’s a scheduled rest day, so only house cleaning on the to-do list.

Day 5:  Long-run Sunday.  I had issues with weakness, really wanted the sugariest sugar I could find to get through, but settled on a banana.  Once I had some scrambled eggs and a nap, I was back to normal.  No cravings other than the sugar I wanted on my long run.  Was a little bit hungrier than normal to which I’ll attribute to a glucose drop.

25 more days to go!

Hamster Endurance Run

This past Saturday was the Hamster Endurance Run for us.  Wow.  Hard.  I wasn’t properly prepared as I am not used to running on a trail, or dirt, or rocks, or hills that one encounters while hiking.  What can I say other than I only completed 13.3 miles (21 km).  This is what my 13 miles of trail looked like:


I usually run on the road, so I wore the shoes I’m most comfortable in… my road shoes.  Lesson learned… I won’t do that again, not for a trail run.  They don’t provide the cushion or stability one needs to run across rocks.  This is what James’s looked like at the end of the run; you can’t even tell that his shoes used to be black:


Okay, with that being said, I loved this event.  The people, the food, the atmosphere.  It was the most relaxed I’ve ever felt, especially knowing I had a long, hot day ahead of me. We took our chairs and set up a place to hang out and relax when we wanted a break.  The whole covered part was our “aid station.”  There were only about 60 runners participating.


Out on the trail, I met 2 older men, one who was 80 and one who was 69.  They both had accomplished running an ultra in all 50 states 4 times each!  The 80-year-old was signed up for the 32-hour event (!!) and was aiming for 100K.  He didn’t start running until he was 64.  See… there’s hope for me yet!!


It was a great course, but like I said, it was hard.  The lake was beautiful that day and there was lots of activity going on.  At one point, I wanted to just go put my feet in the water as it felt like they were on fire.



This is us with about an hour left to go (James lapped me a few times):


And finally, the finisher’s award:


We did have a really good time, but it left us wiped for the rest of the weekend. Even simple tasks were daunting, and we were sore in places we don’t usually get sore.  I won’t give away how far James went… that’s for him to share, so stay tuned to 50 in 50 Marathon Quest to find out.  He may give a full recap sometime in the near future, :).

My first trail run is now in the bag, and I would absolutely do more trail running if I could find a hiking trail on which to train!  In the meantime, I’ll have to stick to the road races. Next up for me is the Bellingham Bay 10K at the end of September… a tune-up race for my final half-marathon of the year in Tulsa!

Squirrel count for August so far:  13

I Cooked! (kinda)

If you have followed my blog for any length of time, you know I’m not a whiz in the kitchen. However, every now and again… okay, maybe once a month… I like to try something new to see if I can’t improve my skills.  This time it was really no big deal and no major cooking here, but I did try something new and I was successful!  Kale chips!

Kale is one of those powerhouse super foods, but to be honest, it’s not that yummy in salads, in my opinion. I think it’s bitter, chewy, and has a texture similar to a bay leaf… again, in my opinion.  So, enter the kale chips.  Okay, it’s a bit fussy having to cut the leaves off the stalk and then drying them, but really, kind of worth it.  Better than potato chips or popcorn!  Voila!


Perhaps not so pleasing to the eye, but believe me, they were tasty.  I think James described them as “something that looked like washed up on a beach.”  (which is okay too… I’ve been wanting to add seaweed to our diet just recently, another super food, :D)


In other news… you may know I went for a bike ride last week.  When it came time to get on the bike again, it was raining, so I had to venture downstairs to the stationary bike.  It was actually a great setup as I decided to watch a program while doing it.  Now, I know this is not a new concept to the rest of the world… but it’s the first time I’ve ever actually done it, and it was quite pleasant… until about 20 minutes in… then I couldn’t feel my bum anymore and decided that that definitely couldn’t be a good thing, so I stopped.  But at least I’m a couple of rides closer to getting my sit bones used to a 50-mile ride.  My next feat with the bike, before the 50 miles, is a painful uphill climb that goes on for 3 or 4 miles which I have always avoided like the plague.  I’ll let you know later how that one goes.


And, oh yeah, the running thing… I’ve been doing that, too.  I’ve stuck mostly to the treadmill so I can focus on my pace.  I know it’s weird and so unlike me to want to run on the treadmill, but hey, we do what we gotta do to reach our goals, don’t we.


I’ve not stayed completely inside though!  The pictures you’re seeing are from a recent run around town.


Wishing you a beautiful Tuesday!!

Salt Lake City Half-Marathon

I’m not that great at giving a race recap, so if you want the full 4-11 (do people still say that?), you might want to check out Jamesy’s blog for his race recap later in the week.  In the meantime, I’ll give a brief summary of the weekend from my perspective.



If you caught my pre-race freak-out post, you’ll know that we had an extremely bumpy flight thanks to a snow storm.  This is us on Thursday not long after that incident… celebrating being alive.




You might have also caught the part where I met up with some family on Friday where we toured Temple Square.  A bit of history: My father graduated from Bountiful High School around 1947, so my family “base” is in Utah.  I hadn’t been to Temple Square since before my grandmother died in 1981, and it was great to be there.  When I was a kid, my sister and I would spend most summers with her in Bountiful.  Utah was as much home to me as Arizona was.


The above was the morning of the race.  The bright lights in the middle represent the start line. And it was cold.  Luckily, James and I had brought a couple of space blankets from a previous Rock ‘n’ Roll event, so we didn’t freeze too much.  Starting temperature was 38 degrees F.

screenshot_2016-04-17-07-34-26.pngThe elevation of the course looked like this.  While, yes, there is a huge downhill section, there were very painful uphill parts as well.  Four of the most notable hills were two in mile 1 (not nice), the one from mile 5 to mile 6 (total energy suck), and a complete ass kicker in mile 7 that was comparable to my Mo-Fo Hill across the street.  The marathon and half-marathon runners split up at mile 9, and when James made his turnoff, he went straight uphill yet again; thankfully, I went down.  Not only that, we train at sea level, and I’m seeing that this course was between 4300 to 4800 feet.  It took a little bit of breathing effort to go up those hills.  By the 12th mile, I was knackered.  I wasn’t hurt in any shape or form and my feet were fine, no blisters (yay Brooks!), but I was indeed tired.  The finish line was such a sweet sight!

Post-race festivities were fabulous.  Pancakes with boysenberry syrup.  Creamsicles.  Yogurt. Beer.  Music.  They did not, however, have chocolate milk, so we headed to the nearest coffee shop afterwards to get some hot chocolate.  It was still cold, but I was thankful for not getting overheated. 20160416_164338.jpg


  • Total miles logged for the weekend:  27.59
  • Total steps:  63,288
  • Total number of toenails lost:  One (literally… it came off while I was slipping on my shoes after the race)
  • Number of celebratory drinks post race:  4
  • Post-race dinner:  Mexican food.









It was a fabulous weekend and a fabulous race.  I’m not hurt, so training begins right away for our next adventure… Rock ‘N’ Roll Seattle in just a mere 60 days!  And we are completely primed for that lovely hilly course!  I have a beautiful set of rolling hills I’ll be training on to get my quads in shape for it, not to mention I’m going to attempt Mo-Fo Hill a couple more times.

Meanwhile, the karaoke celebratory night is this coming Saturday.  Maybe I’ll set up the GoPro and get some random video…. hahahaha, not!  Have a great week!




Cancercize with Renee

renee fearless

I totally pilfered this from Renee’s Facebook Page. The ring says “fearless.”

I have a friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer last November.  She is also a blogger here on WordPress… The Revenge Wogger.  I know and love her as Renee.  She started her blog as an anonymous avenue to document her “revenge wogging” as she had plans to overtake a friend in a particular race they do together every year.  That race is coming up in May.  Cancer has detoured her for a little while… but only for this year.

Renee had a double mastectomy in January.  Thankfully she’s starting to recover from that surgery, but now she starts chemotherapy on March 17th.  Before cancer got in the way, she was a Zumba instructor.  That’s been put on hold as well.  However, it has been said that one way to beat the fatigue that chemotherapy sends your way is to exercise.  Renee wants to help others who are going through the same thing, so she’s started a YouTube channel called Cancercize with Renee B.  Her plans are to post exercise videos on a regular basis while she’s going through the chemotherapy to help herself as well as others dealing with cancer, showing that, yes, it can be done, nice and easy.

Cancer seems to affect everyone.  Around the same time that Renee told me she had it, my brother died from it.  Chances are, you know someone right now who is going through this or who has gone through this.  If you do, share this link with them.  Maybe they’ll be grateful just knowing that they are not alone.  Maybe they’re looking for some easy-going exercises just to get them through the chemotherapy until they hit it hardcore again.  You never know.

As for next year, May 2017, I’m very much looking forward to watching one particular wogger take out her sweet, sweet revenge.  Bwahaha…

Work Place Health Hacks

Over the years, I have tried diet after diet and fad after fad to try to help me lose weight.  After nearly 30 years of personal research and trial and error, I’ve discovered that the only way to lose weight and keep weight off is through healthy eating, portion control, and exercise.

However, for those of us who have a job outside of the home, work can prove to be quite challenging on the diet and exercise front.  The following tips may help you stay on track with your healthy eating and perhaps even give you a few extra steps to log for the day or the week.

Never a Dull Bling Workplace HacksBrush your teeth to stop mindless munching.  We all get bored during work at one point or another, and sometimes we reach for those oh-so-convenient snacks in the machine because we think we’re hungry.  Or we think we need some energy.  Try brushing your teeth first and foremost when you start to get bored.  Who wants to eat a gooey candy bar right after brushing their teeth?  Not me!  I like the feeling of clean teeth and minty fresh breath!

Eat a high protein, low sugar breakfast.  Obviously it’s important to eat a healthy breakfast as eating breakfast means no snack attack mid-morning.  And if the breakfast is high in protein, it will stick with you longer.  I have a serving of oatmeal with peanut butter and a sprinkle of flax seed and nuts (pecans, walnuts, whatever floats my boat), no milk, no sugar… this will last me 3 to 4 hours if all I’m doing is sitting at my desk.

Park as far away as you can from the building.  Want some extra steps to log for the day? Park as far away from your office building as you possibly can.  If you wear heels, bring walking or running shoes to cover the distance.  Who knows! You might get an extra 2000 to 4000 steps a day (approximately 1 to 2 miles), or 10,000 to 20,000 steps per week (approximately 5 to 10 miles).  And you might appreciate that little 5- to 10-minute walk right after work to detach from your busy day!

waterStay hydrated.  Keep a bottle of water at your desk to sip on regularly. Once you’ve reached the stage that you’re actually thirsty, you’ve gone too long without water. If you don’t like plain water, try some homemade fruit-infused water instead.  Add strawberries, lemons, mint, cucumber… anything to make it taste yummy.  Another trick to try is to drink a half or a whole cup of water before each meal or snack.  Not only will this hydrate you, you’ll feel fuller faster.

Take a walk.  When you’re feeling tired or bored at work, get up, take a break, go outside for some fresh air, and walk around the building.  Guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed and more awake.  And if you’re able, try to squeeze in a quick walk after you eat your lunch. You’ll feel better in the afternoon, and you’ve just added more steps to your step counter! Score!

Keep healthy snacks handy.  Never leave anything to chance and always plan ahead. There are going to be times when you will absolutely need a snack.  To avoid the snack machine sabotage, keep a healthy snack within reach, just in case.  For some great healthy snack ideas, I found that Nuts.com has some great options on their Healthy Snacks page, all for about 160 calories or so.  Having had hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) my entire life, I need to have a snack with me at all times, and my snack of choice usually includes nuts or peanut butter.  I need the high protein that nuts have in order to keep my blood sugar level.

Take the stairs.  If I had stairs in my building, I’d run up and down one level every hour! What a great way to re-energize and get a quick workout in!  So what if you’re on the 6th floor!  If you start taking the stairs on Monday instead of the elevator, think of how much more fit you will be in 1 month!  Again… wear running or walking shoes to make those extra steps a bit more comfortable!

It’s important to plan ahead and to just keep moving!  Take control of your health and diet at work… don’t let it control you!


Weekly Wrap

I am joining the Weekly Wrap hosted by HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin. The Weekly Wrap is a blog link-up where bloggers share their active lifestyle and other exciting things weekly.  For more information, see the rules here.


Half-Marathon Training, Week 4

Monday:  The day after the time change, ugh.  I was supposed to cross train, but I’m having a hard time coming around to this part of my training.  The Motivator guarantees it’ll make me stronger and a better runner, but, the day after the time change and a long run?!  I opted out and took a rest day.  🙂

Tuesday:  This was my slow, easy, 3.1-mile run coming off of the 8 miles from Sunday.  I lost GPS signal, and it was bitterly cold.  I know I’ve said it’s not supposed to snow here this year, but boy it felt like it was gearing up to do just that!  My time was okay, not great, and my Nike+ App had an “I felt so-so” face on it, so I’m thinking I was still feeling the effects of the time change.

Wednesday:  I did another 3 miles, aiming for race pace (should’ve been 4).  I was a little bit slower than race pace, BUT, still I was tired.  I’m beginning to think I’m not a fan of this daylight savings thing.  It’s daft.

run harder

Thursday:  Yay!  Another cross train day!!  I took a nap!!

Friday:  I was finally starting to feel my normal self again, and I had my hill training planned for today.  I was praying for rain!  <sigh> I didn’t get the rain I wanted, so I sucked it up and went to meet my nemesis.  I warmed up for just over a mile first thing, reached the base of MoFo Hill, looked up, and had a panic attack.  Okay, not really… I gave it my all.  I really did. I was feeling my normal energy, but MoFo got me after 1-1/2 times.  I consider it a success because Jamesy usually only does it 4 or 5 times, so 1-1/2 times is not too shabby… well, at least for me. Anyway, I’ll enjoy watching myself improve.  Hopefully, hehe.

Saturday:  An official rest day!!  Oh hallelujah!!  Jamesy and I had a new board game we played… Kingdom Builder.  Loved it!  The child downloaded the new Call of Duty on his X-box on Thursday night, so he was nowhere to be seen all weekend long.  No worries though… I threw him scraps of food here and there when he requested it.


Fall! My favorite time of year!


Sunday:  Long run day.  I had 11 miles scheduled.  I was good and ready, despite the rain.  I started with the hilly 3-mile loop around my house so I could stop back home for a quick “aid station,” then hit the trail for an 8-mile out and back.  One of the things I’m working on this training cycle is getting stronger when I hit the big mileage (in case you’re wondering why I’m only in week 4 and at 11 miles already).  I knew I was going to get fatigued near mile 6, so that wasn’t any surprise. But I did cut the run short a mile because it was raining, so I only accomplished 10, and the last 4 miles were tough going.  As well, my ankle joint seized up, a new one for me, and that made the last 2 miles kind of painful.  Gotta tell you though, there is no better feeling than getting in a hot shower after being so cold and wet for so long.  The ankle is fine… I just needed to “pop” it to get it feeling normal again which I wasn’t able to do out on the trail. Finished the night off with a fabulous shrimp and rice dinner, courtesy of my wonderful husband because, after all, he only ran 15 miles.  😉

Did anyone else experience any lethargy while running the previous week courtesy of the evil time change?