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17 Years


Today is mine and 50 in 50 Marathon Quest’s 17th wedding anniversary, so in honor of this special day, I found some great words of advice for anyone who may be interested in having a loving, long-lasting relationship:

To keep your marriage brimming

With love in the loving cup,

Whenever you’re wrong — admit it, 

Whenever you’re right — shut up.


Happy Anniversary James!

Happy Friday!

A policeman knocked on my door this morning, but I just locked it and sat in complete silence. After 20 seconds he knocked again, but I continued to ignore it.  The knocks got louder and more frequent, but I was determined not to move in the hope that he would go away.

Then he decided to look through the window.  He shouted, “Do you think I’m stupid?  I can see you in there, ma’am.  Open the door.”  I said, “You’re not coming in!”

He said, “I don’t want to come in, I just want you to step out of the car.”


Last night, I sent James a text.  Keep in mind, I’m sitting near/next to him the whole time, and he was totally engrossed in the NFL draft pick thing that was going on, so I’m not sure anything other than football was resonating with him.  He fell for it and I had tears coming out of my eyes by the time he caught on.


(I’m super good at entertaining myself.)  I tried it next on AJ, and he yelled from across the house, “No it doesn’t!!”  Didn’t even send me a text.  No sense of humor.

It’s Friday, and I’m in the mood to smile and laugh.  If either of these little sillies didn’t make you giggle, go visit Tasha at Hit Below The Belt Hard.  She’s an expert at Funny Fridays!

Have a fabulous weekend!!  And don’t forget to…


Bieber Love

The following conversation transpired between me and my husband earlier while we had the radio on and were catching up on stuff:

ME:  I think I’ve heard this song about 5 times already tonight.

JAMES:  At least.  I actually kind of like it.  Who sings it?

ME:  Justin Bieber.

JAMES:  I f***ing hate it.

Our son can’t stop laughing about the fact his Dad is a Bieber fan.

michael buble as bieber

Michael Buble as Justin Bieber in “Hollywood” video



What time is it?!!  It’s time for Jamesy’s Motivational Music Monday!  It’s time to search those playlists and post what floats your boat!!  One day James will actually create the linky link thing, but in the meantime, put your video link in the comment section on his site so we can all see what makes you happy, gets you running or walking, or just plain puts a spring in your step!

When James told me he was going to post a rap song (you have to visit his site to actually see what rapper gets that metal head out and running), there was one song that came to my mind instantly. Now, most of you know that Buble is my boy; however, back in the eighties, George Michael was above and beyond my favorite of favorites.

Like most American kids/tweens/teenagers, I watched American Bandstand and Soul Train every Saturday morning (after Bugs Bunny, of course), and this is where I first saw Wham!  They performed this song (Wham Rap!), they were dressed exactly how they were dressed in the video, and they even danced the same way.  Ahhh, such entertainment!  🙂

This song is full of energy and still gets my blood pumping and my legs moving!  It’s nice that not everything changes.  Watch the video.  If you know the song, see if it doesn’t bring a smile to your face after all these years.  And if you don’t know it, I would still bet the video puts a smile on your face… if for no other reason than how fabulous the clothes and hair were back then! (George is sporting a tail, hehe)  Enjoy!!

Weekend Rambles

Ramble… to talk or write at length in a confused or inconsequential way.  It’s what I do best, so I’ll begin.

dr evil

My running has been slim this week.  In case you forgot, I hurt my knee running the Lake Sammamish Half Marathon (but I finished anyway, so yay).  You can read about that herehere, and here (all 3 “here’s” take you to the same place, but if you want to read about it someplace else, try here).  So I’ve been resting and healing.

I’m kind of sad that I’m not still streaking, but the races and the bling are way more important than the streaking.  In all reality, I think I just like saying “streaking;” it sounds so indecorous (haha, I had to look that one up).  Anyway, I’ve been out on a couple of runs this past week… well, actually, one was on the treadmill, one was running laps at the soccer park, and then a good old fashioned trail run happened Friday!  By the end of my run on Friday, I felt I had worked all the nigglies out, but we shall see what Sunday’s long run brings.

Four weeks from today, I’ll be running the SLC Half-Marathon.  I really don’t time for the nigglies right now.

New subject… know anyone who is passive aggressive?  I liken being passive aggressive to being in junior high school… there’s not an ounce of maturity associated with passive aggressive tendencies, regardless if the person is 60 years old.  I’m having the extreme displeasure of dealing with one of those right now.  I have no choice but to completely ignore her responses and take what she says at face value, and only face value.  I get the hidden meaning behind the things she says, but then if I acknowledged any of it, I would be feeding the beast.  Not gonna do it. Unfortunately this is not a social relationship, so I can’t just put the good old block on her or “unfriend” her.


James and I just had this conversation (please re-read definition of rambling):

JAMES:  I think I’ll go for a bike ride.

ME:  How far are you going?

JAMES:  Probably about 10 miles, maybe 20, but probably 10.

ME:  (singing) Your ass is gonna hurrrrrrrt…

ME:  And you’re going to run after that?

JAMES:  Yes.

ME:  I think I’ll go take a nap.

lion sleeps tonight

Jackie over at A Cooking Pot and Twisted Tales is hosting a weekend brunch link-up!  Be sure to stop by and join the party.  You’re bound to meet lots and lots of new and interesting bloggers over there!  It’s a great way to grow your blog AND to help out other bloggers!  Great friendships form here!  Remember… we’re all in this together!

I’ll finish off my ramblings with some pictures I took the other morning on my way to work.  It was so gorgeous… the sun was shining and there was frost on the ground.  I just can’t get over the beauty of this place… it’s everywhere you look!




Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

Blast From The Past

As I was pondering the plight of… (oooo, alliteration)…

As I was pondering the plight of my pained patella (hehe), I started thinking about the ’80s and ’90s when I was in the best shape of my life and how I never would have had such a ridiculous injury, or pain.  (Don’t even go there with the age thing… even if it was 25 years ago). So, I was thinking to myself, hmmm, what was it I did differently back then that I don’t do now?! And then I realized… it has to be all those awesome VHS workout tapes I did religiously.  (For the young ‘uns reading this, VHS tapes were what we… cultured… people used to watch movies on before DVDs or streaming).

So I went on a treasure hunt in my garage.  Hey!  Looky what I found!  A whole slew of old tapes I used to work out to!  Anyone care to take a trip down memory lane with me?


Kathy Smith’s Fat Burning Workout — I loved this one.  I plopped it in the VCR no less than 3 times a week. This is probably one of the first HIIT workout tapes out there, which isn’t surprising as Kathy Smith is the fitness guru of the ’80s and ’90s (well, her and Jane Fonda, but we’re not talking about Jane right now).  Lots of lunges and squats (see, focused on knee and hip strength… she knew what she was doing).


Then there was Donna Richardson.  Boy was she ever spunky!  Loved her too, and I did this one (which came out in 1994) whenever I needed a change up from Kathy.


For years, I combined my aerobics with lifting weights, so I would buy Muscle and Fitness Magazine.  Anyone remember Cory Everson?  She was a champion weightlifter (Ms. Olympia, Arnold’s female counterpart), and she even had a role in Jean-Claude Van Damme’s movie, Double Impact.  Anyway, she was smart and got on the workout video bandwagon.  I lifted weights so I had to get it (1992).  I did this tape at least 3 times a week as well.  Cory Everson – Get Hard… the title says it all.


I can’t leave out Victoria Johnson!  Holy dancer Batman!  I wanted to groove just like her!  In her Technifunk tape, she made a fun go of all those fabulous ’90s dances… like the Cabbage Patch, the Running Man, Ho Hey, etc.  Great practice for going out clubbing!


I have about 10 or 15 more tapes out in the garage, but I think I’m seeing a pattern here… I need to get back to basics with my ’80s and ’90s VHS workout tapes, get that knee back in shape, then see how far that gets me down the trail! Woo hoo!  I’m excited!!  Now then… anyone got a VCR I can borrow?  Anyone?  Anyone at all?