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Motivational Music Monday #16

What time is it??  It’s time for some music motivation, of course, courtesy of James over at 50 in 50 Marathon Quest!  Go check out his music choice for this week, see if it helps get you get out and get moving!  If it doesn’t, then add your own in the comment section!  Maybe it’ll get him motivated to get up and get out!!

He’s opted for a song this week that’s rather quirky and fun… with a whistle.  Intrigued yet?   Me, myself, and I, however, are not going for a whistle-themed song, although that was my first thought.  I’m just going to stick with a quirky, fun, energetic song, one that makes me feel like high stepping whenever I hear it (or two-stepping, whatever, hehe).  This was the #1 song on my Maui playlist.

Andy Grammer — Honey, I’m Good

Happy Monday!!  Hope it’s a great one!